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[Resolved] Speaking Roses / Selling licenses

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My brother bought the license to an existing company for his wife called speaking roses. The company claimed that they own the patent and that if anyone does the same they can be put out of business. There are so many companies doing what they do. My brother paid $30, 000.00 and the same product is selling for $1500.00.

It is a system that is not working for the licensees. They are just selling these licenses and it clearly a system that is not working. They use video and images from different websites to promote this business.


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  19th of Nov, 2010
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Hello Sir,
I have heard of this company and advise everyone to do research and enquire further about their patents, they claimed they have worlwide patents but alot of companies say this in order to scare off the competition.
I would insists that if you are looking to deals with them then do some basic research and ask them if a patent has been granted for their region. If not then you are not doing anything wrong by purchasing equipment elsewhere.
  28th of Nov, 2010
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If you look critically at the website, you will recognize the type of promotion often associated with parting people with as much money as the law will allow. What angers me most about speaking roses and their ilk, is the complete lack of conscience in targeting and taking most commonly, the life savings of hard-working individuals only wanting to make a better place for their families.

I HOPE that people will think long and hard about giving up $30, 000, and then setting out to sell stamped roses, and the sheer number that one needs to sell, just to break even at the original investment.
  16th of Mar, 2012
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This company is one of the best I've ever worked with you can get started for way less the $30'000 and any company is going to cost you . These people are so very helpful there teem are always there for you and if you do what they teach you you can do well I do .
  1st of Feb, 2013
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I agree this is a very very bad investment I would discourage anyone from this "opportunity" You will never get your money back out of it
  6th of Mar, 2013
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Utah man, would you elaborate why you think/know this is not an opportunity? i am thinking to apply for their franchise in these days in Oklahoma.
  22nd of Feb, 2014
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Speaking Roses is not a fraudulent business. They have indeed many patents granted. What is a fraud is the chinese Quingdao company that use the name speaking roses to sell their printer machines. Thanks.
  28th of Jul, 2014
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I have been dealing with a member from speaking roses for about 1 year now and have nothing bad to say and only excellent reviews.
I suffered a very bad back injury and has lead to a bad infection after my operation. That's the only thing stopping me for now to buying there product.
I am prepared to outlay $80, 000 for the full package that's how confident I am in there product.
The staff have been unbelievably friendly and helpful.
Most IMPORTANT is to have a business Plan of what market you want to tackle, go seek your customers first to see if you can sell the product, get prices from different flower distributor's. Once your happy them purchase or hire a sales rep to do the selling for you.
I f you are planning to buy this system and put it in one florist then you will only be able to sell to who comes it your shop so get out there and let people know who you are and what you offer
Kindest regards
Tom Horvat.
  29th of Jan, 2015
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Being working with this company for 2 years. Great people and they have an awesome program. The floral industry is huge, you just need an small % of your market and you can do very well. This is a combination between flowers, gifts and promotional products, so your succes will depend on you.
  24th of Aug, 2015
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Hey Tom since you are so confident I would be happy to sell you our license/business for 20% of the original cost. You can buy some extra Ink and supplies and away you go.
  18th of Sep, 2015
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Hi, I purchased a Speaking Roses license over a year ago and I love the product, concept and company. More importantly, so do all my new customers I have built up over that time. The team at Speaking roses have been fantastic in the support they give. in my opinion, they under promised and over delivered in every aspect of the business. Im sorry you had an indifferent experience with them, however I have nothing but great things to say about the company and the product. Im making money and making my customers happy - isnt that want business is about?
  13th of Oct, 2015
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I purchased a Speaking Roses distributorship about 18 months ago. I have had nothing but great support from the company. They always answer my questions ASAP no matter how silly they may be. My biggest problem was where to focus my time and energy since there are so many possibilities of where to go with this product. Once I committed to a solid game plan, my revenues have been above my expectations. I have had great success with Convention centers and events. I have made sure every event planner and wedding planner within a 50 mile radius of where I live now know my name and I am getting calls on a regular basis.. I have just recently made a deal with our biggest local flower shop and am now tapping into their database of thousand of customers. All of this did not happen over night but it has been a great feeling to watch my business grow month after month.
I was surprised to read some of the negative comments posted here and all I can say this is like any other business, you have to go out and work it to make good revenues. It has been great to offer a product that has no competition and I see nothing but positive growth for years to come
  11th of May, 2017
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@Robert and Debbie Hi Brady
I am thinking of venturing into this business, can you email me @ brandsandshades@gmail.com

I would like to know how you operate the business because as you have said, there are many opportunities.
  1st of Jun, 2017
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@Katsy1 Please get in touch with me as I would like to sell my license. I have set everything up to get started including an ecommerce website, registration etc. My email is deepikacooney@icloud.com
  13th of Oct, 2015
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Guys, this is like any other business!! I learned about Speaking Roses in Panama and then in Oman a while ago, they have some beautiful stores in those countries!! I bought these flowers for my wedding a year ago and then 6 months ago, my wife decided that she wanted to start a business, so we went with Speaking Roses!!
Of course like any other business you need to make things happen!!! we didn't start with a store, but instead she decided to start from home!! We are now selling the roses on Bars, Restaurants and a few places with the phrase "THIS BUD IS FOR YOU", people love them!!!, we sell between 5-10 roses per night at $7, 99 a piece and we now have over 25 places!! so like any other business, it requieres commitment and a plan!!! Soon we are open our online store . Love the product, love the team at Speaking Roses and their support!
By the way, now even Coke and m&m have personalized products!!!
Brady and Shawna
  9th of Nov, 2015
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I m about to buy a professional package from Speaking Roses. I know their list price is $40, 000. Any idea how much I can bargain for?

Thanks for the help guys. Really appreciate it.
  16th of Nov, 2015
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Good afternoon Ken
I bought the full package from the speaking roses company 2 years ago, but no longer use my equipment due to having a child. If you would like we can communicate through new to discuss possible options. I loved the company and so did our customers. My email is Firstglancecreations@yahoo.com

Best regards,
  7th of Apr, 2016
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I have a speaking roses machine that was purchased by my flowershop's old owner. I have no use for it as we do not offer that service any longer, and would like to sell it, along with it's license for a discounted price. I have a ton of plates, screens, etc. the whole kit. Please e-mail me, speakingflowersandmore@hotmail.com. I would like to sell this as soon as possible. Thank you!
  6th of Jan, 2017
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if anyone here is selling their speaking roses licence, and equipment, please contact me at bfisher1105@yahoo.com
  28th of Feb, 2017
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I see all the complaints here and i have been with Speaking Roses for 8 years. I have had good luck with them. The machine is patented even a simple google result shows that ( us patent number US7089860) . As long as you do the training and follow the instructions it works great. It took a week to learn the curve but after that it's been great. Support is awesome, and people in my area people love it! Stop complaining a business costs money to run. It's an investment. I'd gladly pay for a good quality flower printer, not a cheap made Chinese piece of crap that has NO support.
  20th of Mar, 2017
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I have recently bought the license of Speaking Roses. I am really happy to know that it is a very comprehensive business model and it has really good marketplace. I am loving its unique and innovative concept. I am quite hopeful regarding the great future prospects for my business.
  27th of Mar, 2018
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@Robert_Wilson123 Hi can you please tell how was your experience? Are you still in business? I am interested in this but now not sure after reading people negative reviews. Thank you.
  25th of May, 2017
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Hi, is anyone selling the machine?
  25th of May, 2017
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Is anyone selling the machine? Thanks
  1st of Jun, 2017
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@Ela Kucharska Yes I want to sell the machine and my license. I have set up everything including a great website, domain, registration etc. please get in touch with me at deepikacooney@icloud.com

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