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Referring to our note to you of 16 November 2018 entitled "April 2016 - Contaminated food from SPAR inhouse delicatessen nearly killed my wife and I." (Food Poisoning)

We have not heard from Spar International - is this the standard practice of Spar worldwide?

This is not SPAM MAIL.

Attached is a copy of a brief letter dated 22 March 2017 to Mr Graham O'Connor, CEO, Spar South Africa, telephone number +[protected].

Four (4) samoosas have cost us over R20 000 (twenty thousand rand) in this matter and Spar's insurance refused to have meetings or make an offer that led to these expenses and nearly three (3) years down the line, through Spar's attorney's, confirm it was food poisoning and have now come back with an offer of R30 000 (thirty thousand rand) which is in no ways reasonable - refer current attorney's letter of 22 November 2018, attached. Certain Spar dealers offered R50 000 (fifty thousand rand) because of the bad handling by Spar South Africa and after research our then appointed attorneys claimed R115 000 (one hundred and fifteen thousand rand) plus interest from 2 June 2017 - which is what we now want due to the cavalier way that this has been handled.

This is not a joke. We are preparing documents to open this through the general media which I have been holding back in doing hoping for an adequate and fair/reasonable offer from Spar, which is obvious they are not prepared to do and have no feeling for their customer's feelings and well being. We re iterate we both lost about 20 kgs in weight in 2, 5 months from 1 April 2016 to 14 June 2016.

I will give you one (1) more week to respond failing which we will proceed to the media.

PS As stated originally, we have 2 inches of correspondence for your perusal at your request.

cc Mr Graham O'Connor, Spar (kyla.[protected] (PA to Mr G O'Connor)
cc Mr G Pentecost, Spar (gordon.[protected], telephone +[protected]
cc Mr Kyle Mills, Whalley & Van Der Lith Inc ([protected]
Patrick & Rosemary Galbraith
Randburg, South Africa
+[protected] / +[protected]

Spar International
Spar International
Spar International
Spar International

Nov 27, 2018

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