Sparboss / manager

This afternoon, 2016-01-11 thirsty as i was, i walked into a SPAR at Dagbreek, Welkom in the Free State, took two 2lt Spar flavoured sparkling water which amounted to R10 each and then proceeded to the till to pay.

To my surprise i was informed by the teller that they only accept card payments above R30 of purchase otherwise i will have to use cash... of which i did not have in my possession. I then requested a for purchase of R10 airtime, but the moment the teller turned to her "Boss", the "Boss" loudly shouted at her and told her to do her job and proceeded that she has limits to follow and weirdly also said that she must not touch him. All this was said in a rude manner and infront of customers.

Further at the KIOSK i noticed a note written "NO CARD PURCHASE UNDER R30 ACCEPTED" as i proceeded to leave the store!

Sadly i left the - What I thought is a convinient store - still thirsty and went drove off.

I did not know that Spar has payment restriction as such that lead to my inconvinience and dissatisfaction.

The "Boss" is a very unfriendly person it seems and has no customer service principles that i believe are practiced at other Spars'

Jan 11, 2017

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