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Spa De Soleil / Customer Complaint

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Having seen another complaint on here about this company I felt compelled to write my own... I have been purchasing cosmetics for my business from this company for several years and I am now desperately seeking another supplier. Their so called customer service is awful - the staff hardly speak English and seem to be unable to write more than a one word email reply (if you are every lucky to get a reply).
Trying to get hold of certain people on the phone is a nightmare - their telephone system is worse than any I have encountered.

Orders take ages to be dispatched and their shipping costs are astronomical. Their packaging is absolutely terrible - horrible polystyrene loose fill chips all over the delivery van and the products every time. Special requests are completely ignored - don't bother trying to create a customer/supplier relationship with them.

They have also recently added a third extra to their product prices, even to long standing customers. The actual products are good however their glass pump bottles with a metal pump tend to rust after a few weeks.

Anyone on here with positive comments about this company obviously is working for them.

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  • Sh
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    I am about doing business with this Company, i am amazed

    by the way they handle this issue, cant they fix this kind of situation before they escalate and loose business?

    One good thing is that the products you said was very good,

    but packaging was a disaster.mmmm having second taught!


  • Jz
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I agree. Rude, Bad customer service they even hang up on customers. Rena, the owner won't ship nor return the payment which I made to them in the amount of $2, 602.41 for various items & spa equipment that I ordered from them... I will persue any avenue available so that this company is shut down if I don't get my money back or the merchandise shipped to me by next next Wednesday, August 27, 2008... DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY ever!!!

  • Aw
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Hello Mr. Negrete,

    Our firm received a call from our client, Salon International .

    Our client has informed us that a California Board of Equalization scam
    aimed at extorting money out of salon owners is well underway.

    This scam involves a call and a false claim that the salons's documents
    are not in order.

    The scam artist request a fax of corrected documents
    along with thousands of dollars in fees, or your salon will be cited and
    closed by the state board of Equalization. The salon owner is given 24

    The calls are coming from Spa de Soleil, 10443 Arminita Street, Sun Valley
    Ca. 91352. Phone number is 818-504-3200. Onwer and party making the calls
    is Ryna).

    We have contacted the LAPD that handles the jurisdiction and made a report
    (818-756-8861, Sgt. Ed Bookay).

    Our firm contacted the Spa de Soleil and spoke to Ryna. We asked her to
    cease and desist and direct any additional communications to our lobbying
    firm. Ryna (owner)refused to listen. Ryna (owner) stated she is doing her

    We inquired if she is with the California Board of Equalization. Ryna said
    she is a Board Member. We then asked Ryna to communicate to the Board of
    Equaliztion that their contact with our client, using Ryna is very
    inappropriate and the Board of Equalization communications must be in an
    official capacity and on State Board of Equalization letter head.

    Mr. Negrete, you work for one of the best State Senators and bar fair the
    most effective. Honorable Alex Padilla was a strong advocate for the
    constituents of Los Angeles during his years as council member and Council

    Please investigate this.

    If any slalon owners are having any problems with this salon ( Spa de Soleil) on maters as mentioned
    please contact State Senator Alex Padilla's (916-651-4020) district director, Roberto Negrete at 818-901-5588.

    You can also contact the LAPD in Sun Valley, CA. 818-752-8861.

    Registered Federal Lobbyist

  • Al
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    You get better service at the worst DMV... The writer of this comment was kind. I could add a mile long list after 14 years of doing business with Spa de Soleil. You wonder why not forget about this company : a few of the products are unique and could not find similar. Ironically, while on hold for ever you have to listen to the recording that braggs about the "VIP Service"...

    A word of warning to the professional : DO NOT ever buy their equipment. It's the worst rubbish that can actually hurt your client
    ( Like the steamer spitting hot water, etc...)

  • Ve
      31st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes, this the worse Co. I so regret buying my equipment from them and I should have canceled the order from the start. They first shipped the wrong machine and a broken facial bed, which took them forever to replace.
    Later, when I wanted to replace filters on my microderm machine they no longer made it and I have spend more money to replace the back canister to fit another filter what a nightmare. Not to mention that they lie and tell you they have mailed it they charged my credit card. Beware of this Company for they talk the talk But, never keep their word and you will go through hell trying to get anyone to return calls. Oh, and you always can find them at every beauty trade show. They make me sick and give a bad name to the industry.

  • La
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    Dear Mr./Ms. Khabir:

    Please be advised that I represent Spa De Soleil and that your direct contact with them is a violation of Rule 2-100 of the California Rules of Professional Conduct. Please direct all communications to me and cease any direct communication, whether by email, phone or fax, with any employee of Spa De Soleil immediately.

    While I do not owe you an explanation of the circumstances of the case given the rude and harassing tone your email took with my client, I will nonetheless provide you with a brief explanation of my client’s position.

    On November 9, 1999, March 14, 2000, May 22, 2000, June 21, 2000, August 1, 2000, January 4, 2001, and June 19, 2001, your client, Spa International, purchased from my client private label skincare items, Post Laser Cleanser and Toner, Post Laser Ultra Moisturizer and some essential oils. Given that your client represented to Spa De Soleil that it is a reseller of such goods, my client did not charge your client sales tax on the transactions, as permitted by the California Sales and Use Tax Regulations. However, as a reseller, your client has a duty to either report its resale number to my client so that it can in turn, report it to the Board of Equalization, or to pay taxes on the transaction. An XYZ letter requesting such information has been sent to your client every year since 2000 and as recently as January 2009 but your client did not provide a response nor did it offer to pay such taxes.

    Spa International failed to perform its duty to report its resale number to the Board of Equalization for the transaction, or pay taxes on the transaction, and as such, the Board has charged my client for such taxes.

    Given that your client is in default, we intend to pursue it for the amounts claimed by the Board of Equalization. We have all the documentation and invoices to prove our claim and we intend, and in fact, have the right, to pursue all legal options available to us. As such, your threats to report my client to, among other organizations, the Culver City Police Department, the U.S. Senators in Washington, the U.S. Congress, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the State of California Governor’s office, are UNJUSTIFIED.

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