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South University


Abuse, with drew from recieved finacial aid, refusal to send transcripts

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South University
United States
I enrolled in south university and was told prior to enrollment I would need all documentation in place prior to commencement of classes.
All documentation sent in and filed and I received a letter form the school stating I had been accepted all the financial papers were also accepted and I was on my way.
I completed two classes when I discovered my fees had not been submitted to the university. I found out the university cancelled the student fees from the loan organization and did not inform me of this or the reasons as to why.
I found this out and was furious when I asked about it they treated me like a criminal for avoiding my obligation to pay school fees?? Weird they cancelled the loan previously awaiting them to be paid.
Then the advisors became abusive toward me and treated me rudely and accusatory, then the financial department called me every two days and demanded some $3, 000 dollars by the end of the month (it was already the second week into the month by then).
I contacted the financial department they hung up on me but the loved to call my phone number and abuse me often.
This has gone on now for a year and still no resolution I have since withdrawn and have no clue what becomes of my transcripts.
The university waived my student fees and promised to send my official transcripts to my new university NO LUCK just lies yet again.
It has been a year of hell and abuse from the university and the lies they propagate is phenomenal, one department has no clue what the other is performing and the directors of the school are not known by staff members of the school which I also find strange.
I have been in contact with on staff member a doctor who has stated I can have my fees waived and they shall send my official transcripts to my university but now they now tell me I did not submit the correct documentation, hmm strange I was told in the begin all was in order and I can commence classes. What do I do now who do I turn to now?
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N  30th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am interested in who you spoke with to have your account cleared. I, too, have been dealing with their BS (no other way to put it!) for about a year now. I have finally gotten fed up and am planning on taking it as far as I need to in order to get my name and my credit cleared.

I completed an introductory course in December of 2008, then withdrew from two classes during the first week of their start date. Suddenly, I owed over $4, 200! Before you know it, they pocket my Pell Grant, refund only part of my student loans and I still owe them two grand (plus a grand to my student loan!!) For ONE introductory course? And my "free" books are now $200? Something smells fishy here!

I fought with their "collections department" for some time. I refused to take the harassing phone calls, speaking only with them over email. I have all of the documentation of the blatant lies I was told. The man in collections who dealt with my "case" always blamed a different department for his mistakes and never wanted to give me a supervisor/manger's contact information.

Of course they eventually sent this debt to an outside collections agency, which I am now dealing with as well. I plan to write a long letter and send in all documentation to each and ever department supervisor with South University. I am also considering a law suit. I take my debts very seriously, and I take people who try to rip me off even more seriously. They should not be able to get away with this.
A  4th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am going through the same situation, I went back to South University next term because I wanted to futher my education. 1st semester they sent me the pell grant next semester they apply the pell grant to balance.
D  2nd of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Any student who withdraws before completing 60% of the semester loses their federal aid. This is a standard federal guideline for student loans; in turn, the student takes on financial responsibility.
Textbooks are not free. The textbook for the first class is posted to a student's account so you need not pay out of pocket for it immediately and to ensure you receive the textbook in a timely fashion for your first class. Most universities have bookstores for which students pay out of pocket for their textbooks for all books.
It sounds like you did not pay attention to the Enrollment Agreement, which every student completes upon entry. The document advises what a student must do to receive Title IV Federal Student Loan money and the consequences for withdrawing early.
D  5th of Apr, 2010 by    -1 Votes
It is sad how some people think that they can put others through the trouble of getting classes and documents and tests together for them, without needing to actually follow through with anything. It's as if the world exists only to give them a handout. These are the ones who only get started with school once they realize they can pocket a bit of money in the short term. These are the ones who quit once they realize this is an actual university, with actual classes, requiring actual effort.

You were informed of the possibility of your Title IV funds being removed when you SIGNED THE DOCUMENTS, and there were more than one! You aren't being treated like a criminal. You are being treated like a bad student with no common sense, who just costed the university spots that could have been filled by COMPETENT STUDENTS.
A  12th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
South University has also given me problems over the last few months but over different reasons. I am a military student and I was never charged the proper tuition rate. They refuse to change the rate that I was charged and keep trying to hand me off to different people, or ignore my correspondence altogether. I too take my credit very seriously and have the documentation to prove everything. I have read enought online in different forums to believe that South University should not be trusted.
N  12th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I had the same problems with South University Online. I was using the post 911 GI bill and was withdrew from class too and now the VA wants me to pay them back for the classes they south for on my behalf or provide evidence that I did not withdraw from class on my on. I'm glad I saved all of those emails I sent south a few months a go. I'm faxing them to the VA now.
N  26th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is for all the "experts" saying read the loan agreement, etc. I too am having the same exact fishy run around with South University.By the damn way, I am currently enrolled, but not for long. I am currently saving all correspondence, as I have since day one. There is lots of b/s going on at SOU, and I for one will be someone who will hold their feet to the fire in the end. Just a few examples: There is no Administration contact info.anywhere on my school site! ZERO>Geez, wonder why that is? I have proof that they approved ALL MY DOCUMENTATION, yet when I start asking questions about my LOANS WHICH I HAVE TO PAY, I get told Oh we do not have your high school transcripts? Then when you call or email your FINANCIAL ADVISOR, she states talk to your ACEDEMIC ADVISOR. Whoo then states Mr so and so is working on that. then a call to him gets exactly zero responsibility or resolution! ZERO My questions were financial, not acedemic. I see some type of scam here, get students enrolled, and make a fat profit by canceling their classes, or the " You didnt submit your documents" line. I will be like a pitbull with a steakbone on this school if my situation is not resolved and soon. BTW I am an A student, as I have been all my life. It is truly amazing how I had to take an entrance exam to get into this school, then there I sit with a class full of people who can not read and write at a 5th gtrade level! I have to wonder how much of a profit they will make off of these poor people when they kick them to the curb? OR will they give them a masters degree? They darn sure do not belong in any college classes!
A  6th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
A  14th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been a student at S.U. online since October of 2009. I never had any problems until June of this year. I began a new job working crazy hours and needed to take some time off from school, but didn't want to if it was going to affect my financial aid. (I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A HANDOUT - I PLAN TO PAY EVERY PENNEY OF MY LOANS BACK!!!) Anyway, my academic counselor stated I would have to speak to my financial aid adviser to see how it would affect my financial aid. Well, no one returned my calls or my emails until 3days before that class ended. None the less, it was neither of my advisers; it was a another academic counselor warning me that I would lose everything and be withdrawn if I did not contact someone. So I went through student support to finally speak with a supervisor, and she withdrew me from the class, stating that i would not affect anything. I asked her if it was possible for me to take the rest of the summer off, and she stated that I would have to talk with my academic counselor, so on the chase I went again. A week after the classes had already started no one had contacted me. Then I received a voice mail once again warning me about being withdrawn. I returned the phone call, but once again not my counselors. She said I could drop one class, but would still have to complete the other one. I agreed, and asked her what to do about the work I had missed already that week. I refused to take a lower grade because of their poor response time. She said it was at the discretion of my instructor. I emailed my instructor, and she gave me one day to do each assignment for the previous week. Well, this was this past Thursday, and I started the work yesterday. Today, I go in to complete more work, and it states I am withdrawn and cannot access the class!!! I have been through hell in the past two months all because I just needed to take one or two classes off. (Off subject) My husband is having surgery Monday, and will be out of work for three weeks, so I am picking up as many hours as possible just so we don't lose our house. I am a mother of three boys and I work a minimum wage job. I was attending college to try and better our lives, so things wouldn't be this hard, one day. Is there an official college board or someone I can make a complaint with?
A  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hello Guys, I'm in the process of being ripped off by South University, but I refuse to let this happen. I'm speaking to attorneys and the department of education. This bs stops now! they have messed with the wrong student and I will take this further then it needs to go. I'm gonna keep you guys updated and hopefully can keep u involved so that you all can get your situation fixed too. It's a shame we have to go through so much bs just to get our degrees!!
N  23rd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am also having a problem with South University. I have been there for a year . I also had a problem trying to withdraw from a class and tried for WEEKS to contact my Financial Aid advisor as to how this would affect my status. She was NEVER anywhere to be found and I finally had to speak to another Financial Aid counselor who told me if I wanted to withdraw from that class I would be refunded since it was during the drop period. A week later I follow up and I was told that I wasn't getting a refund. Because of the lack of communication I received from my own Financial Aid rep I lost $1900! That shouldn't be acceptable...these classes are supposedly designed for working adults, so there is no reason why assigned representatives don't call or at least return emails. This quarter they are holding on to my pell grant. It is supposed to take 2 weeks to post to my account and it's been 4 so far! They keep pushing it off by weeks. I need to know how to reach the Dean of Student Affairs because this is simply ridiculous! I too, am fed up with all of their BS!
N  29th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ok so I've been dealing with the Department of Education Ombudsman's office with my South University online issues. At first they seemed like they were going to get everything handle. This is the department that oversees schools and basically makes sure they are doing everything legit and correct. This department is the one that shuts schools down if not. And believe it or not South University is so bold and out of control that they are not even returning the Ombudsman's office phone calls or e-mails! Crazy right. I'm fed up. I'm filing a class action lawsuit. I live in GA where South's main campus and headquarters is located. If anybody else is interested in joining this lawsuit let me know. Also if you find anyone else on any of these other fraud sites that you think would be an asset to this lawsuit let me know. my e-mail is jrowe224@gmail.com. we can go from there.

N  31st of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes

I'm sorry, but there is a reason you ended up at this obvious diploma mill.

Its the same reason people still keep sending money to Nigerian Princes who are heirs to a vast fortune, but promise to share it with you if you just wire transfer $5000 to pay for customs to release the money.

There is a sucker born every minute, and South University knows how to find them.

I feel sympathy when I read these complaints, but then again, you willingly signed up for it. Real schools do NOT have sales reps hound you to begin class. Real schools actually make you wait for acceptance, and sometimes reject applicants. That should have been the first clue.
N  31st of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Lol, here, and everywhere on the internet, its amazingly funny to see that South University employees actively trolled comments criticizing this BS school, either planting obviously fake positive reviews that sound like they were written by an ad agency, or, as above, arrogantly criticizing their own students for being ignorant, when the very complaints are that the school did little to help students understand what they were getting into!

"South University is an outstanding value for improving my family's future. The Professors were always available to come to my house and tutor me. My advisor and I are best friends, we talk every day, and their toilets are made of pure silver! Call James McScammer, my financial advisor, he'll sign you right up and mow your lawn too! I have his number on my cell phone because we talk every day, even on the weekends! Here is his number, Go South U! 123-455-6575"

A  20th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
OK folks...SUO SUCKS!

I have been an online student pushed around by these embezzling idiots long enough. jrowe224...i am going to email YOU!

I have had withdrawn issues, canceled loans, money posted to other accounts, etc...OF COURSE, NONE OF IT SHOWS UP AT THE SALLIE MAE WEBSITE!

I could go on and on, I will spare you. Recently, my loans spiraled into repayment when I was listed as withdrawn, had to file in school deferrment because NO one there knew why or how long this had been
going on...
by the way, I was taking 3 courses.
contact me please...
altman121@yahoo.com and lets get this taken care of once and for all...
A  24th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I was enrolled there and withdrew and they started sending me collection emails and statements and then I asked for a breakdown on the account and they refused . They say they sent money back to sallie mae and dept of educatioDepbut once I contacted them they said they was never any funds sent back to them . I contacted the
Dept of Education Ombudsman Office and still no response from them either . They are taking money and it is fraud . any help would be greatfull they will not let me have my transcripts either.
A  30th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I feel foolish for not having done my research and now I am living to regret joining South University. After over a year and a half 11 As and 5 Bs and 2 F's later, I found out that I do not have enough student loans to complete my bachelors degree. It was totally a coincidence that I found this info. I called to find out why I still have a balance each quarter when I was promised that I would receive sufficient financial aid to cover my tuition. I was never given the choice of attending South University based on this fact and if I had known that I do not have sufficient funds, I would not have enrolled at South University.

Oh, by the way, the 2 F's appear to be an administrative default grade given to me because I chose not to participate in class or confirmed enrollment in a specific courses. This happen to me twice even though I clearly communicated that I am not interested in enrolling in those particular courses. One instructor told me that she was told to give me an F even though it was clear that I did not officially confirm nor participate in class. Well, I have filed two appeals and have been waiting for the result for the past 4 months...still waiting.

I just want this nightmare to go away...

There appear to be an element of deception here; however I still hope that I can get this resolved. In the mean time I am seeking legal counsel.
A  1st of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
South University has no ethics, they not even be a real school, have you seen the assignment? I believe they are an agency that the government has allowed to collect money from fools and is just masquerading as a University. All they are about is the money they can line their pockets with and have just opened a new University here in Novi, Michigan. They have stolen my money and charged me outrageous fees for my classes. Someone needs to look into the practices of this so called well established institution. I have spoken to my academic counselor, the academic manager and can not even get a letter of the last day of by attendance, something is so wrong with that that it is not even funny, actually it is insane.
A  7th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Transcript Bait and Switch

The same chronology of events also happened to me regarding my transcripts. They told me I was set to go and they had my transcripts from high school. They allowed me to take 2 courses and then told me a week before my 3rd course that they did not have my transcripts. Beware, they have 2 headquarters (Phoenix and Pennsylvania) which you are never privy to at first.

The first thing they do is switch up advisors so it's to appear as though the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. They then say they are going to withdraw you if you can not meet their timeline. They then try to take the monies out of your student load, and if they can't, bill you for it. Also, the professors? have terrible grammar and Ms. Ebony posted comments in forums with typos (even though the have an online spellcheck before submitting comments!)

Here's who you contact first:

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580


FTC does not handle individual complaints, however, if there are several nationwide they will investigate. Please pass this information along so a class action lawsuit can be put together regarding fraud, theft, and any other illegal practices such as double dipping (take student monies and then charge you as well).

This is a for-profit business owned (and traded on the stock market) by

My complaint is solid. Remember, save those emails and telephone recordings if necessary!
Also, contact your State's Attorney, Department of Education at both the Federal and Local levels (South University Online has 2 locations. One in Phoenix and the other in Pennsylvania) and the Better Business Bureau. Contact them both by phone and email.
A  10th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
I got out out of SOU only because I was not getting the help that I needed to certain areas. I was not getting help, and so I tranfer out of that school and feel better about this school that I am at now. Now the thing is now they say that I owe them 1, 218 dollars but it says in my student account that I have a refund coming to me of that amount. The FA advisor is telling me that is what I owe that money and the account department is still reviewing my account. This is one school that I would have on the bottom thousand.

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