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I also made the fatal mistake of being conned into parting with over $500 to have my computer cleaned and promised after service. Within 24 hours my computer was as bad as it was originally. I rang the support number a number of times with no answer. I finally got annswer and the tech worked on my computer for hours and assured me it was fixed. IT WASN'T!!! I have rang back 4 times in the last 18 hours and have had people who can barely speak English, people who do not even know the phonetic alphabet, people who just hang up. Each time I have asked to speak to a supervisor and have been told, he's not here or this is a different shift or some other obscure reason. I wanted to complete the survey so I could complain but was unable to access it. When I rang I was told that it wasn't working and I just needed to speak to a tech if I had a problem. The list goes on of problems with these people. I feel that this is a total scam and advise everyone to beware and do not use them!!

Mar 28, 2016

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