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Snapper - Riding Lawn Mower / I will never buy another Snapper product!

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Because Snapper has a reputation for high quality lawn mowers, and I have been pleased with my experience with them in the past, I purchased a 16hp - 42" cut rear engine riding mower in May of 2000. It was considerably more expensive than some other mowers I considered. The cliche' that "you get what you pay for" is certainly not true in this case! I have had nothing but trouble from this mower!

The drive mechanism has failed 5 times since I've had the mower. A riding mower that you aren't able to drive is obviously useless. The frustration of never knowing if the mower will work, plus the inconvenience of having to push it back to the garage (usually from the part of the yard farthest from the house) and then having to find a way to get it to the repair shop, and borrow a mower from someone so that I can finish mowing the grass, has made me a very dissatisfied customer.

Snapper tells me that this drive problem is normal wear and tear. If you ask me, it's bad engineering! (Another engineering flaw in this mower is the arm that holds-up the mowing deck. I've had to have that arm repaired twice, because it snapped and would not hold-up the deck.) Their product does not do what is supposedly designed to do!

I will never buy another Snapper product!

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  • Sm
      13th of Jul, 2008
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    I bought Snapper ZTR from A&B Lawn in River Oaks TX and it SUCKS! Less than 3 hours on it and it broke down. Service tech asked me why I couldnt fix it myself and Sanpper was no help either. Snapper ZTR=POS! Do Not buy SNAPPER ZTR or you will be sorry.

  • Sn
      7th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same here!!! Bought a snapper walk behind mower thought that snapper was a good name but what a piece of junk. lasted abpout 6 months. Right from the begining I could tell that this was not going to last long before I would have to start making repairs on it. The wheel structure could not even support the weight of the brigs and straten engine. Then just tonight was trying to get my yard done before dark and the wheel fell off. The wheel was supported by plastic. How did the engineers that disigned this ever think that this would hold up. What a piece of junk. Should be still unde3r warrenty so I'll see how that goes, but right now I'm really mad that I chose snapper and will do everything I can to warn anyne in the market for a lawn mower to stay away from snapper!!!

  • Sl
      8th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I too purchased a Snapper mower, the RE200. What is up with Snapper? They made a great mower at one time, but, as the saying goes, "them days are gone forever." At first, I couldn't even find a dealership that knew the RE200 existed in the Snapper inventory. After contacting ten dealerships, I finally contacted Snapper regarding the problem. I also explained that my lot must have once been a nuclear dumping ground or an old Native American burial ground as very little grass grew but I needed to get a mower that would work on my property. I explained that I would probably need a four wheel drive to get around the yard.. Although half joking about the four wheel drive, I told the salesrep I needed a mower tough enough to handle my yard. After several days, the mower was finally located at a dealership 54 miles away from where I lived.

    I live on a 1/2 acre lot with a house, two tree islands and about 1/3 of the remaining land is a detention pond to control run off from the subdivision. I was able to cut the grass four times and the mower's transmission went out on the fifth cutting half way through the yard. Since I had such a time finding the mower, I wanted to find a qualified service tech. that could work on my mower. After several e-mails from the service department manager, who continued to ask me to repeat my request. Now, the mower will go back to the dealership where it was purchased and roll the dice as to be correctly repaired.

    The poor construction of the mower body, horrible design of the bagging system, and total lack of concern regarding the customer makes me one, apparently, of many who would never recommend Snapper to anyone.

  • Ch
      19th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    purchased a snapper riding lawn mower txt and it goes threw belts like nobody's bushiness...its only been used 2 season and has had 5 belts a fuel filter and pump put on it...NEVER buy a snapper or you will see why its called a snapper...things keep snapping!

  • Pr
      27th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    My Snapper zero turn throws the deck and drive belts almost each time I use it. Both are design issues with the idler assemblies causing them to mis-align with the belts and toss the belt off adding shreds to the edges and premature failure. The belts aren't available in any home center and Snapper charges higher than average for the belts. I'm an engineer and agree, this is bad engineering.
    I finally spent the last couple of days relocating the non-pivoting idler on the deck to use a standard MTD belt and welded the idlers shafts to the deck and frame to keep them from pivoting and added grease fittings.
    Good mowers otherwise but these issues made it worthless and frustrating until repaired. My next mower will NOT be a Snapper.

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