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Smilecare Dentist / Unnecessary Work

1 Tracy, CA, United States

I wish I had visited this site prior to going to Smilecare. Besides the dentists changing constantly, and half of them being very rude, they keep trying to convince us we need work done that we don't.

I hadn't been to a dentist in a few years, and I knew I needed work due to a very visible and painful cavity in a front tooth. In addition to that tooth, they told me I needed a bunch of other stuff done, for a total of over $4, 000 the first time. Being young and gullible, I believed they knew what they were talking about and were being totally honest. I started questioning their practices when I went in again for a check up and the new dentist said I needed several more root canals and had cavities to fill in ALL the teeth that weren't capped! There was no way I could afford all that work, so I didn't have any of it done. I went back a few months later because one of my caps were bothering me. The new dentist I saw said I had one very tiny cavity that was too small to fill and I'd need to watch it, and said that the gums under my crown were irritated, likely from something I ate. That was it, no other cavities, no root canals needed, nothing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, figuring I got one bad dentist.

A couple years pass, and one of my caps comes loose. Well, when they first put it in the temp had pulled out the "build up" underneath, but they put in the cap anyway. None of my other caps (even the one I've had for 15 years) has come loose like that. But they charged me again for a new build up, a post lengthening surgery because she said not enough tooth was left for them to glue on a new cap, and a new cap. I don't think I should have paid, because I'm sure it is their mess up that caused the cap to break after such a short time (it was either just under or just over 2 years).

They tried to convince my husband that he needed several thousand dollars of work done when he first went in, and he just had a checkup and suddenly doesn't anymore. They are also trying to convince us that my son needs braces (his teeth are straight but his 2 front teeth are a little bigger that the rest of the top, definitely not bad enough for braces.)

I am changing dentists just as soon as I find out what other dentists in the area are covered by my insurance. I recommend to anyone who cares about their dental health to go anywhere else but Smilecare. Any dentist that is good at what they do, and cares about the patients, wouldn't work for them.

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