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SmileCare takes pride in providing access and affordability to dentistry for families throughout California, Nevada, and Texas. We understand that patients can choose to go any where and value their choice in us.

We are a held to a higher standard than other private offices and group practices. We have our own dental insurance plan which means we are regulated by the state and must meet and exceed all standards of safety and patient finance.

This board is designed solely to warehouse complaints and not share the stories of healthy happy patients who come through our doors everyday. We welcome you to visit SmileCares in your neighborhood and let us give you a tour of our locations. We have the lastest technology, all dental specialties, and finance programs to fit any family budget.

Please feel free to visit to learn more about us and the pride we take in every patient visit.

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      19th of May, 2010

    You neglect to tell about the way your dentist pressure patients into agreeing to unnecessary procedures that they tell you your insurance will pay and then turn them over to collections when the insurance denies the claim becaues the procedures were unnecessary.

    You neglect to tell how your billing dept ignores any correspondance and will not return phones unless pressed on a daily basis.

    You neglect to tell about the "F" rating you have with the Better Business Bureau.

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  • De
      2nd of Dec, 2010

    You (and many/most all others) are being systematically treated with "Vanish Varnish" a product by 3M Inc which is simply another fluoride treatment which might be useful for kids with an excessive cavity rate (who should focus on home brushing for 2 minutes 2 times per day and rinsing with ACT Fluoride Rinse but no water rinse afterwards for 30 min morning and bedtime ) .
    The "coating" (a form of Fluoride exposure) which is short-term in benefit and can be equivocated or done with toothpaste and just weekly over-the-counter Fluoride rinses, is indiscrimanently "diagnosed" as "necessary" since all dental professionals are under Smilecare's Corporate instruction to treatment plan and have patient treatment acceptance goals for their 'extra money makers" which includes corporate pressure on "Specialists" such as Orthdontists who are pressured to "sell" such add-ons to increase "out-of- pocket" expenses for each patient, otherwise called ARPV= Average Revenue per Patient or basically how much patients actually wind uo paying directly to Smilecare "Out-of-Pocket" at the time of their visit that insurance absolutely won't cover.
    Although parents are made to feel that they would not be making a sound/good decision to decline such a "necessary" and "preventative" treatment for their child's future dental health, once "agreed" to (whether patient's parents are fully aware or not) becomes Smilecare's "opportunity" to fully bill/try to hold fully financially responsible the parents once their insurance declines all such since almost ALL insurances provide little to ZERO coverage for "Varnish Coating" types of fluoride treatment (which billing can take months or even a year before you're "hit" with the unpaid bill of which you should dispute with Smilecare, the dentist or other corporate dental provider vehemently) .
    These are all huge for-profit companies, from the corporations that market their "coatings" (3M) to the dental care corporations (Smilecare ) that push their professionals to "sell their souls" to "make an extra buck" which benefits the corporations well beyond and dental provider or dental patient.
    If it were up to the (ethical) dental providers in the situation of having to be employed by "corporate" dental "care", most would advise the willing and able patients to use the homecare products that are at least if not more effective if used consisently and are affordably available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Safeway, Luckys, etc.
    Look for ACT Fluoride Rinse, Listerene "Smart Rinse" although read the label, it HAS to say it's a "Fluoride" Rinse and watch out for generics with "high sacchrin" content.

    -Registered Dental Hygienist (since 1990)

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  • Jo
      17th of Jul, 2012

    I absolutely agree that SmileCare is the worst dental provider in the history of United States. We were patients at their Palmdale CA office. My daughter had DHMO insurance and her cleanings were free as per contract between the dentist and the DHMO. They made up charge called "debit adjustment" in 2006 and even though we explained to them that the charge is bogus, 6 years later they sent request to the collection agency to collect the money. This office was so crazy that they would send payment requests for my daughter's and my wife's procedures to another insurance company that none of them was associated with in any way. The insurance company then would send us the bills and tell us they can't pay because we are not insured by them. It was so embarassing that we had to find another dentist. They also will drill your teeth for money, they will ruin your mouth just because they have to make a buck. They will also schedule appointments but you need to plan the entire day off to get the necessary work done as they are very disorganized and they will keep you waiting for many hours, or they will take break for lunch and tell you to come back later. So please, if you don't want problems and keep your good teeth intact, do not go there. Avoid them like the devil, as I guarantee you, once you set your foot there they will screw you.

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  • Al
      19th of Jul, 2012

    My treatment was done 6 months ago, and I faithfully called them to ask if my account is in good standing. With no balance.

    Surprise...I got A COLLECTION LETTTER from A COLLECTION AGENCY telling me I owe a 1k for UNPAID benefit. I called my insurance company and asked them if the benefit was denied. They said, smile care did not provide enough infomation (they change 5 doctors on during my ortho treatment of 3 years)

    RIght now I am trying to dispute the billing but it is such a headache.

    BAD company.

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  • Ch
      28th of Aug, 2014

    I went for an emergency extraction. I was swollen, infected, and in such pain I couldn't think straight. I did not know what was going on except to please get me out of pain. I had no sleep, was sobbing all night, and waited for an hour outside just sobbing in pain. They finally opened, and after some time started the extraction. A month later I found out that during that visit, they had fitted me for upper and lower partials to the tune of 4000.00 which they asked for a credit increase from Care Credit. I do remember them telling me Care Credit wanted to talk to me. I do remember getting up and on the phone and saying yes it's me. BUT I would never have agreed to 4000.00 partials. They had already asked me if I wanted them in Sept, I said no I can't afford them, In Dec I once again said no I can't afford them, and then in JULY they took advantage of the fact that I was not in my right frame of mind And DID THE PROCEDURE. Now they say well you can deny them but you need to pay us 80 percent. So for there up sell which was in an emergency visit to a person who had no idea what was going on except to get out of pain. I have to pay them either 4000.00 for the partials or (And this is quite cleaver on their behalf. 3150.00 for no partials. Thats was They SMILE cause there pockets are lined with money the rob from you. I will NOT LET THIS GO. I will work day and night to expose them

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