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SmileCare is charging me for the full amount of a treatment I had from a contracted dentist they used that was not a provider within my network even though I chose their office to begin with because they are a participating provider within my network. No notification was provider at the time I had treatment that their contracted dentist was not within my network otherwise I would have rescheduled. I am not going to pay because of their staff's negligence to provide this information at the time services were rendered. It wasn't an emergency, it was a follow-up appointment and because of their lack of common sense, I am not paying for their staff's mistakes. The Lake Forest office is also responsible for resubmitting a claim to my insurance company for a treatment I had, that's covered under my insurance. The insurance company requested that they provide additional information. The office is coming to me for the money because they're staff is incompetent at filling out paperwork. I have insurance to cover my services, I think I need insurance to cover idiots who don't know how to do their jobs.

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  • Er
      24th of Nov, 2011
    Smile Care - Complete lack of customer service skills by the dentists and orthodontists
    Smile Care
    United States

    #1 Issue-the wait is ridiculous! The quickest I’ve ever seen a dentist or orthodontist is an hour after my scheduled appointment. I understand you need to show up early for an appointment (which I do) but at least someone could let you know the status of the dentist and an estimated wait time instead of leaving you in the lobby for half an hour and then leaving you in a room facing a wall by yourself for another half an hour.

    #2 Issue- dental procedures are not explained at all! I went in for a dental check up and found out I had some cavities. (I’ve never had any cavities) The dentist did not explain any of the procedures of what she would be doing to fix the cavities. I told her I had never had a cavity before and what is the process for fixing the cavity? Her response was the financial advisor will explain that all to you. I had the same issue with getting my braces taken off. When the tech started to take the brackets/wire/rubber band off all at once it startled me, it felt like she was cracking my tooth. Had she explained what she was going to do prior I would have been prepared for the odd sounds and feeling on my teeth and not almost jumped out of the chair. Same issue with the orthodontist, had she explained that she would be grinding cement off my teeth with a cold needle I would have been a little bit more prepared for the uncomfortable feeling on my teeth. This leads me to my third issue.

    #3 Issue- can you please at least pretend like you give a crap about your patients? When the orthodontist was removing cement from my teeth it was uncomfortable but I tried to just bear down and get it over with. She was able to remove the cement on my top teeth fairly quickly. When she started on my bottom teeth she started on my front teeth. I informed her bottom teeth are SUPER sensitive. She barely started to grind on my teeth for a couple of seconds and I couldn’t stand the cold needle on my teeth. I couldn’t help but pretty much cry. It HURT! The orthodontist then got pissed and left. The tech tried to put some topical on my teeth to numb it but that didn’t work so she said we wouldn’t numb it with the needle and that she had to get the other doctor to do but she was with another patient at the moment. So they just left me in a room upset, turned the light out and left. They didn’t let me know how long they would be or when the orthodontist would be back. I was left in this room for 30 min. I finally told the tech that I was leaving. She had me check and see if my retainer would fit, the top did, the bottom didn’t (of course I still had cement on my teeth) so the tech calls the orthodontist back in and she tries to grind the retainer down to fit over my teeth and it wouldn’t fit, finally she gets all pissed and makes a comment about the retainer not fitting because of the cement and leaves. She was incredibly rude. At that point I walked out in tears from the pain and frustration.

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  • Be
      10th of Apr, 2012

    Thank you for letting us know about your concern. SmileCare was recently acquired by Coast Dental. I have asked the District Manager to review your case and contact you. Should you have any further questions, please contact our patient relations team directly at 855-455-6601. Thank you. Regards, [protected]

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