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Do not buy advertisements from smart circle brochures! They are a rip-off! They came in to our salon and spa and offered a great deal to us, they said that they would do our advertising for a small fee and sell it for us. They offered to put our packages together and get back to us on how we thought it would look. They made us sign a contract and said they would get back to us. The guy who sold it to us left us a number if we needed to get a hold of him for any reason. It ended up being a fax machine!

That next week we got so many calls to come in, and we hadn't even seen what they would be selling for us. We had people coming in that said they paid only $40 dollars to get 4 services which included a spa facial and wax, a spa manicure or spa pedicure, massage and hair. That is over a $200 dollar value that we as independent contractors are doing for free! We are trying to make money because we have rent to pay and we are doing these services for free!

We have not seen any money from smart circle, and we cannot get a hold of them to cancel this. They are making money off of our name, and when we cannot accommodate 200 calls in a week we don't know what to do!

Do not fall for this scam, do not do business with smart circle! Be very very aware, I have looked them up on the internet and they go by different names too. Beware!!!

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  • Ja
      Oct 13, 2008

    I have a spa and have been doing this promotion for years. You need to work on upgrading those clients. I have done many many many FREE services but now I have many many many loyal clients from it. The key is to keep a positive attitude, upgrade them when possible, sell them product and keep a smile on your face. If they love the service they will return as full paying clients.

    The promo works just keep your inventory and staffing up ...and later you will see the rewards!

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  • Ri
      Oct 31, 2008

    I wouldnt actually call the program a scam but as far as the smart circle more so than not. I have been doing this for 14 years and have done well with it. Last year for fun I decided to get accounts for them to see what they are about. They lie to thier staff and clients. I am owed in excess of 9k for my services. I have had clients I got for them call me because they went out promoting again after they had finished the program. People they promised money did not receive thier checks. They have offices go by different names so they are not looked at as bieng held responsible. By the way did I mention even they changed thier name 3 times over the years. Call me 312.502.0424 and I will tell you anything positive or negative about the program and anyone in the business including myself. Richard

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