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I recently took a volunteer group of 30 people to a go carting track, to thank them for their efforts. Out of my pocket, I was willing to spend $600 for the efforts of the people who put their hearts out to help others. We were told by numerous Smart Circle representatives, and the head of it, Tim Chase, said we would have a blast. When we arrived, we were told that Smart Circle coupons were no longer taken.

No problem, everyone is pretty flexible so we went out to eat. But then when we tried to get a refund (which still hasn't happened) we were told to go through this supervisor, that director etc. and they would not issue a refund for the services they said they would provide.

I advise not using Smart Circle since they lack any type of business ethics, honesty and integrity


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      Jul 14, 2009


    We are sincerelyy sorry to hear about your experience with the go cart promotion that was offered through the local marketing firm affiliate in your area. We've contacted the company in question to have them immediately examine your purchase so that we can clear up this issue. The Smart Circle strongly believes in following a customer satisfaction policy that offers full refunds for our customers and your purchase is no exception.

    We would like to start the refund process as soon as possible, but need some additional information from you. Please contact us at [protected] so that we may begin to gather this information.

    Your feedback will definitely be taken into consideration as we continue to look for additional ways to improve our service to consumers across the country and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We appreciate your business and hope to work with you again soon!

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      Nov 11, 2009

    I completely disagree with Hopper2648, I think that was a script they copied and pasted. Tell me, have you received your refund? I bought a smart circle card for a salon in Vegas, it was supposed to be good for 6 months but when I went to the salon within the time frame they told me they were no longer accepting it. I tried to get a refund through smart circle and was told I couldn't. when I threatened to tell the better business bureau the response was "Go for it, I deal with the BBB everyday". WHAT KIND OF COMPANY HAS TO DEAL WITH THE BBB EVERDAY, absolutely ridiculous. Do not trust these sales people and do not purchase their products! Try to find one good story regarding this product, I highly doubt you will.

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