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Dear Sir/Madam,

Yesterday evening I visited Skyscanner to book at flight from London Gatwick to Glasgow. A flight was displayed for £42, departing at 7:15am with only 2 seats remaining, British Airways. As I went through the booking process and added all my details it still confirmed that there were still 2 seats available. However when I reached the final confirmation page the payment didn’t go through as the flight was now “unavailable”. I was then offered a promotional code of £20 to price match the next flight from £62 to £42 but there was nowhere to enter the code at checkout so I called the company that I had been redirected to, CheapOair. I then reached a woman named Roseanne who was incredibly rude and then told me that the flight had double in price and was over £80. This came as quite a shock as the website still said £42 with 2 seats remaining. Whilst trying to understand why the flight had doubled in price, Roseanne then went on to verbally abuse me and lecture me on how I shouldn’t be booking a flight the day before. If this is the case then your company shouldn’t offer such a service. I had to hold the phone away from my ear whilst she was shouting at me and my mother could hear her from the other side of the room. To say the least this was an appalling and unprofessional way to deal with a customer query.
I then reloaded the Skyscanner page to see if there was any change in price on the website and there wasn’t. It was still advertising the flight for £42 at 7:15am with British Airways. I decided to go through the booking again to see if anything had changed and throughout the whole process the price was £42, all the way to the confirmation page. It finally confirmed at £42 but due to the previous issues with this order I checked to see how much I had been charged and to my absolute disgust I had been charged £61.79 instead of £42. I don’t understand how a price can increase after the payment has been processed.
When I refreshed the page this morning, the summarised price had further still increased to £68 on my flight summery, there is clearly an anomaly in your system as how can a price continue to increase after initial payment.
I was extremely shocked and appalled at the inconstancy of your company and the inadequacy of your employees. You have taken money from my account without permission. This is extortion. When I called and waited on hold a second time to speak to somebody about a refund, I was stunned to be told that I was a liar and that the price was never at £42. I have evidence that holds against this and will attach it to the email. I asked to speak to a manager and was just put on hold for further 20 minutes until somebody finally picked up the phone. Unfortunately, I was just passed on to another colleague who had no idea about my situation and was not a manager. I then explained the situation again and asked to speak to a manager. Then after waiting a ridiculous 30 minutes on hold I realised that no one was going to answer my call.
This is an absolutely disgraceful service and I will not pay for more than what I originally agreed to. At the very least I expect a refund of £19.79 to be refunded into my bank account. I would also like to be reassured that I am not going to be abused by your employees in future transactions with your company. If you cannot meet these requirements, I will personally not hesitate to take things further.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rebecca Wilson

Aug 19, 2015
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    Skyscanner - Name of a country

    Dear all
    I want to inform you that there no country around the world named "Republic of Macedonia" or "Macedonia". As you should know Makedonia is a part of Greece the last...3000
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    Respect our country and our history

    Kampadakis Spiros
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    I just book a flight from cairns to Sydney on the 23/10 on my name using your site on jet star at 7 10 am
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