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I booked a flight Skyscanner redirected me to (gotogate) and they have now said an Airline company they booked it with( Colbart Airline) have filed for bankruptcy and have gone bust and they will not refund any money I have paid, as sad as that is that the Airline have gone bust I booked with them (gotogate). They are responsible for my booking not the Airline they use. I have asked them if they( gotogate) have gone bust or have filed for bankruptcy and if they have Skyscanner have a duty to inform everyone who uses their site that they should avoid using them and actually I find it shambolic that they would still choose to redirect anyone to their site

Oct 25, 2018
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  • Va
      Nov 18, 2018

    Yesterday i had the same issue with the website GOTOGATE Brother. they showed me the correct flight until the payment page but they sent me the wrong flight ticket details to my email. finally they cancelled the flight and charged me with 51 Euros.

    i think GOTOGATE is an unreliable and fake company and we should not trust it.

    My advise to Skyscanner is to avoid partnership with that kind of websites (GOTOGATE).

    Because they will loose good customers.

    I have booked a ticket from Dublin to Hyderabad. My Booking ID is NYTIAR. When I was booking the order, there was no information about the overnight stay at London.

    I have attached screenshot of final page before the payment. It was completely your system fault.

    The error also didn't show any information about overnight stay in London. I am 100 percent confident that I haven't got any clue about travelling to London.

    Since it was not my mistake and I don't have to pay additional fee for cancelling the ticket.Still, I was asked to pay 51 euro for the cancellation. I am really not happy with your customer service. I would expect zero cancellation fee. I am also writing the review in google and make other travelers aware of these fraud techniques.

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