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How can you trust a company which is driven by owners who are greedy enough to cheat customers and vendors by offering faulty or open products at full price and not paying vendors for their money. Its a family driven company and their greed is killing the company. Check online GE also sued this company besides suing by several customers. You can search on internet several complaints about selling old TV. Do your due deligence and find out this retailer selling at internet with multiple names to deceive customers and fooling laws in several ways.

Wish there had been some laws which could have been enforced in expedite manner to help small businesses to save from getting hard time given by corporate like Sixth Avenue Electronics (a NJ based retailer) because of its mal practices .

IT services vendor sued Sixth Avenue Electronics for defaulting the payments for its IT staffing services. Sixth Avenue Electronics had denied to make payment for this creditor, IT Consulting for the labor payments of its software engineers working at Sixth Avenue Electronics. IT Consulting company filed the case against Sixth Avenue Electronics Inc for several hundred dollars. Sixth Avenue initially cited the reason of financial troubles and delayed the payments. Later Sixth Avenue denied the payments and IT company claims to have been cheated by Sixth Avenue despite of long standing relationship of 3-4 years. Sixth Avenue assured to pay little late and continuously delayed the payments. Several instances Sixth Avenue took the complimentary services from IT vendor without paying any money for that labor as a result of relationship and assured to pay long pending payments sooner than later. Later Sixth Avenue denied to pay any money. Company mentioned how owners Billy Temiz and Mike Temiz of this privately held company defaulted and tactically denied the payments. This small woman & minority owned enterprise which was continuously providing providing employment to local unemployed citizens and placing them with Sixth Avenue Electonics at cheap rates (unusual low rates like $30 usd per hour for high skilled wrokers is very rare but IT vendor extended help to troubling company including giving complimentary services to Sixth Avenue while paying the software engineers. Now this enterprise came under heavy financial troubles and had to let go such people in lack of money so Sixth Avenue thrown this company out of business and played with the future of several skilled people. IT vendor cautioned about the practices of Sixth Avenue and its products or services incl whats avalable at internet. Customers are advised to investigate on the multiple names used by Sixth Avenue Electronics to sell the same product online at multiple websites to camoflage customers without mentioning the details. There are no doubts of selling second hand items also online.

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  • Ma
      May 14, 2011
    Sixth Avenue Electronics - False Advertising
    Sixth Avenue Electronics
    New York
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Advertised Inventory Clearance in newspaper for 55" LCD television. Called the store and was told there were three in stock. Arrived there in ten minutes and was told there was only one floor model available...was definitely misled. Then they were trying to sell full priced items. The false advertised listing is to get you into the store...buyer beware. Untruthful salespeople...untruthful business!!

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  • Su
      Aug 11, 2011

    I completely agree with the comments. This company is full of cunning salesmen owners. BEWARE OF THEM AND STAY AWAY...ITS A GANG ON THE ROAD TO ROB OTHERS

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  • Te
      Aug 30, 2011

    Company owners going crazy. Learn dude from past mistakes ...

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  • Hu
      Nov 30, 2012

    Very bad customer service!!! My payment was clear for a week, but they don't ship it for me(item info shows process take 2 days), and I contact them three times never see someone reply me.

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