SiriusXM / overbilling

AZ, United States

I requested to cancel a subscription to siriusxm, who sent me a statement due 4/1/12 on a second notice and 5/1/12 on the internet site. When all attempt to keep me as a customer, to include a reduced rate of $4.95 per month for 6 months, same as the previous 6 months, failed - siriusxm them informed me I had an outstanding balance of $27.95 for used air time back dated to February 26, 2012. I was never informed that siriusxm had begun billing me at at rate of $25 per month, in anyway or even on the 4/1/12 bill, which I just received. After speaking to two representatives, the later a manager (Rayn), I was told that I have no choice (pay the bill), which has yet to be documented or sent to me. I am very dissatisfied and want this unauthorized charge removed from my account.

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