Singtel Mio TVstaff failed to turn up for appointment

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Staff made appointment to install MIO TV cable on 02/04/11 between 11am and 1pm but failed to turn up. Called 8386388 but was told to call 1601. When I call 1601 was told to call 1688 and on and on... It is pushing to one department to another. Why installing a phone line with Mio TV needs 3 different appointments ? SingTel may have alot of staff to pass the job to one another but I have to take leave for 3 different time slots to wait for them and yet failed to turn up.

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  • Qw
      Apr 03, 2011

    not only Stinknet does that, [censored]Hub too
    try calling their operators, u will be welcome by their rude foreign talents (not mentioning from which country), so thats what u will get by importing foreign talents to do the jobs, so sg got no talents??!! ironic

    btw : experiencing very very very [censored]ing slow internet connection these few day(since [protected]) Stinknet user.And no responds from Stinknet on why is the problem...perfect!!

    PAP Boleh? More Good Years Ahead? One word of advice, if u vote for them then stop complaining about the ever increasing taxes on everything

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  • Si
      Apr 06, 2011

    Hi Joseph, sorry to hear about this. We would like to help expedite the installation for you. Do leave us your contact details and we will contact you shortly. Thanks Joseph!

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  • Ka
      Oct 07, 2011

    Poor Service from Singtel / Miotv / Hello shop
    I went to Hello shop to subscribe Mio TV together with Free-incoming and outgoing home line. I also wanted to retain my existing starhub home number. I got confirmation that monthly subscription is around S$20. And in order to do port-in the salesgirl asked me to come again after few days. I went after few days to Hello shop and one new staff attended me and asked me to pay modem charge and some other charges. I shocked!! I told them that this is something new and I can not accept. They told the first salesgirl made mistake and she is on leave today and she will call me on tomorrow. But nobody called me and I went again to hello shop. They said it was their counter girl mistake who is very new and offered me 6 month off of my mio-tv charges and same time I need to pay 107 for modem charges. Later I came to know from Singtel staff that they do not practice to charge modem charge for new contract. So I decided to raise a complaint against hello shop.
    But so far I did not get any solution and I am very disappointed with singtel customer service. I got very poor service and responds from singtel staff who does not know how to keep the customer and solve the issue. Now I feel starhub service is much better and they always try to keep the customer.
    I want to say GOOD BYE to SINGTEL for FOREVER. I will share this bad experience to all my friends. I feel very shame on my decision to approach to MioTV.

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