Singapore Post Limited.bad service: delivery delay without any feedback even complaint!!!

Why does the Singapore post service so badly?

I sent some child milk to china on 23 Sep 2014, but it did not arrive until now. 57 business days (10 weeks) has passed away! Actually, the longest delivery time should less than 50 business days for a slowest post item. Furthermore, I cannot track any information about the post item. I complain twice, but they reply nothing until now.

What is wrong, Singapore Post?

Does this your service like this? Badly like this?

Which agency of the government would take care of this kind of bad service?

This is an affront to the country under the rule of law.

Hanbin Liu

My Email: [protected]
My Phone No.: [protected]
My item track No.: CR922668706SG

Singapore Post Limited.

Dec 18, 2014

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