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Simplicity MedSpa / plastic surgery

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In my opinion, Debra Tri at Simplicity MedSpa injured me and took no responsibility for her actions. I was overcharged for the procedure she did, I found this out later after going to a reputable MD doctor. I was told that what Debra Tri did to me was ethically irresponsible and shame on her for putting me at risk for a procedure she had no control over. Her assistant Tracy Riggs - Glesener was a debtor in Washington State and had a Warrant For Unpaid Taxes - Employment Security [protected] (Satisfaction Of Warrant Id [protected]) on 09/24/03.

Her assistant Tracy Riggs - Glesener called me constantly on my phone asking me if I wanted to come in for "specials" or deals they had going, the calls were always when I was at work or inconvenient times. They were so seemingly desperate for my business or any and that should have been my red flag. Debra Tri had no proof that the procedure she did to me actually works! There is no doctor at Simplicity MedSpa and the nearest hospital is not close at all. I want everyone to know how scary this place is and I never realized how much risk I put myself in by going here. I would beg anyone to see a medical DOCTOR who is at a hospital or affiliation and not a small business like this. There is no accountability she will take and I don't want anyone to end up hurt like me.

I was scammed not only financially but as a patient and my patient care as I learned more from an MD and the damage she caused me for life.

Address: 19944 Ballinger Way NE, Shoreline, WA 98155 Phone: [protected]

Simplicity MedSpa
Simplicity MedSpa
Simplicity MedSpa
Simplicity MedSpa
Simplicity MedSpa

Dec 28, 2017
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  • De
      10th of Jan, 2018
    -40 Votes

    Here at Simplicity medspa we take negative reviews very seriously. However, we have no record of you "Lauren Baye" every receiving services here at Simplicity Medspa. I work very hard to achieve positive outcomes for my clientele. I am not sure what procedure you are claiming you were overcharged for but it would be helpful to know more about your specific complaints and if you ever asked for a refund? Most cosmetic procedures are elective and performed with the client signing an informed consent about the procedure and what risks are present. We also inform clients before how much it will cost for said procedure. The practice of aesthetic procedures is not an exact science and although good results are anticipated, there can be no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, by anyone as the actual results you may get. We actually have our clients attest to this statement before having elective procedures performed here at Simplicity Medspa. I am very honest with my clientele about the risks and benefits of procedures that are performed, as well as complications that may occur. However, your complaint review is vague and has NO BASIS, IN FACT, its a pile of crap!!! It really is sad that people can be so cruel, I feel sorry for you because harboring this kind of anger, resentment isn't healthy. The best thing to do to achieve resolution is to state the facts, find a compromise, and move on with your life.
    Debra Tri, ARNP Simplicity Medspa, Shoreline WA

  • Ha
      22nd of Feb, 2018
    Best Best Advice +30 Votes

    @DebTri33 Hmm why are you identifying patients Deb? Isn't that a hipaa violation or do you just deny seeing all your victims? Obviously your frustrated because there's merit and truth getting under your skin. This spa is like the Amy's Bakery Co of Spas. You have no remorse or any compassion except for the money you get from your customers. Your honest? I wonder how'd you respond to all the documents of bad business you've done and the people you hurt. You're full of excuses and you take zero accountability. When you aren't guilty you don't have to make so many excuses. I've never heard of an person "innocent" of so many different things. I was at your spa for a refund and tried to talk to you, you gloss over all your complaints by saying let me talk to you when you threatened me if I complained. I never met anyone "innocent" of so many things. A pile of crap? Hm, sounds like you're the angry one Debra Tri. You know what is cruel? The way you treated the patients you have hurt. You've denied at least six times patients you hurt. I doubt everyone is lying about that. Why don't you talk about the people you hurt? That's right because you move on from business to business hiding the truth of the injuries you caused or the lawsuit you had at another medspa for your shady business practices. All you do is deny the truth. You have no remorse, show no emotions, you're robotic, and you care about yourself. You're a joke in the medical community. You're not honest you deny anything that is the truth to avoid any responsibility which is why you have your own spa so you don't answer to anyone or so you're not accountable for anything. Move on with your life is what you're good at. You're good at running away from your problems and leaving the people you hurt behind you. I went to you and you denied a refund. Why would I call you when you are as confrontational as you are? Your invitation to call you is your passive aggressive way to get even not to help someone. This is how you treat your patients, you discard the ones you don't agree with and prey on new ones. You say how you want to help but your heartless in person. As you said people are supposedly spreading "lies" about you to make themselves feel better. How would that make anyone feel better? Maybe your victims, Debra Tri, are "simply" tired of watching you get away with hurting and no justice. Eveyone beware of Debra Tri, she has a history of violence and threatening her patients. Online she will offer to come to a resolution but it's so she can cover up her lies.

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