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The first call was made to me before a friend of mine visited for the weekend and they said she listed me as a referral. I was okay with coming out but on the way I get a call from the appointment line stating that they are having scheduling problems and needed to cancel my appointment and i was already half way there!!. I turned around and went back home. (pissed) A few days later the appointment line calls me and ask me why i didnt make it to my appointment and i explained to them what happened and they seemed like they didnt know why i would get such a call and apologized. Says they really want me to have my paid free trip and wanted to reschedule with me. I agreed to a upcoming weekend..on a Sunday and this time I wasnt able to make it due to work. I get a call the following Tuesday (today) from a manager of the conroe piney resort location and with a unpleasant voice ask me why i didnt come after they have made several attempts to get me to come out. She wanted to know if i had any questions or concerns on why it kept me from coming. I explained that I wasnt able to make it due to scheduling comflicts with my job and that my job was most important. She again but more aggresively says that i need to come and get my free trip and i told her i decline and dont think ill ever have time. she said that it wasnt acceptable and that she was going to call the friend that referred me on three way and see how she felt about this since it was going on her account. i asked if i owed anything for missing my appointments she said no and asked me again to hold on to call my friend. I said, "CALL HER!" and dont call me anymore and I hung up.. CAn you say RUDE?!.. I asked my friend about the appointment she was confused on what that had to do with her account. we laughed it off and tried to get the lady back on the phone but of course the [protected] just leaves you on hold leads you to thinking someone will be with you soon.. but we got tired of waiting after 20 minutes. If she calls back ...well it wont be pleasant at all.

Mar 11, 2014
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      11th of Jun, 2012
    Silverleaf Resort - charged to camp
    silver leaf resort
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    to silverleaf owners i been member for 12+ years know they charged us member 20.00 a day to camp water&elec i think u can camp anywhere for about that kind of money and then they took out tent camping all toghter i let them know i weas not happy with this so if you would maybe they would look into it thanl you!!!

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