Sifton Properties / Operations personnel

very dissapointed in teatment by this company in regards to how residents are blatently ignored and demeaned and demoralized by operations magers and persons in charge. we have been personaly told by sifton properties that we mean absolutely nothing as we are nothing but useless tenants who mean nothing and when calling head office to get response from the owner and vice president they both lie and deny everything to which is the norm at sifton properties because tenants are absolutely nothing. EMS paramedics refused entry into building to save lives because sifton refuses to give them keys and access, building manager blocking access for senior resident to get to ambulance by holding elevator door open and stopping him to get help, 8 break and enters and thefts at building and no caring whatsoever from sifton because they simply dont care as apt units and vehicles destroyed, when calling sifton they tell us to call someone who cares and dont bother them, letters put at doors telling residents they have to keep doors open for hours so they can be painted eventhough nobodys home, manager is told by head office constantly to lie to residents daily, manager rarely at building so theres nobody to contact in emergencies, almost a hundred people moved away in the past 3 months because of how sifton treats people. its our opinion that since sifton has changed who they allow to run the buildings in both management at head office and the lower offices that this company has gone way down hill and all residents of sifton properties have suffered immensly. sifton simply doesnt care about any residents in london ont . they are very rude and ignorant to all residents . in hearing from hundreds of residents past and present its our resolve that this company was run alot better many years ago when the senior owners were in charge, the ones who actualy cared about people instead of the clowns who run it today. they should be ashamed of themselves.

Apr 14, 2016

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