Shosholoza Meyl - Long Distance Train / Customer help office hardly open/sales lady hardly at her post.


In paarl, western cape(huguenot station) it has now become difficult or almost impossible to do train bookings on time because the person who is supposed to help customers is hardly at her post.The window is kept closed most of the time.
The lady who does the local sales of tickets in another office/window informed us(my wife and i) that the shosholoza sales lady told her that she locks the office because there is not much to do i.E. She hardly gets customers.
Well, if she gets paid to be there and help customers, she should be there whether there are customers or not.Unless the business is hers and does not care whether she makes money or not.I tried to get the phone number to raise my complaint however the lady on the local side told she did not have any.She only gave me the office number of the same lady who does not do her job. Also, they normally encourage people to do bookings in advance to qualify for a discount, yet they denied us a discount when we made bookings for three members.Now we need to make a booking for our daughter and we cannot get hold of the sales lady.

Dec 05, 2016

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