Shoppers DiscountUnauthorised deductions from bank account

Shoppers Discount have been taking £10 from my bank account for the past (I believe) 6 months at least. I can't even remember how it started now because it's so long ago, and I had forgotten about it till I started checking my statements. I asked my bank to stop paying out because I had not authorised the ongoing payment, and initially I thought they had done so. But today I find another £20 deducted on my current statement, £10 at the beginning of June and £10 at the beginning of July. I rang my bank and they said as it's a debit card I would have to ring the Fraud Department. I am just about to do this, as I am extremely angry, partly with myself for not noticing this cheap trick before, but mostly with Shoppers Discount for being so unscrupulous.

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