Shopper Discounts / Unauthorised removal of funds from my AMEX card

Reading, England, Berkshire, United Kingdom

I have discovered today that this company has been taking £9/month from my AMEX card for the last 8 months without my consent. Apparently according to AMEX ccompanies typically in the travel industry (they quoted EasyJet to me), in their T's&C's they have a tick box somewhere in there that if you do not tick you are automatically signed up to this company.

Be aware...this is happening more and more and is according to AMEX Not illegal, they are simply making use of the fact that few people these days go through the T's&C's to any detail as we have all become more TRUSTING of the Internet. Their address is

54, Lambard Street

Please feel free to mail them.

Since discovering this, I have lso discovered that companies such as SYMANTEC (I qoute this one as they did it to me) are providing tick boxes in T's&C's which if you DONOT tick means you are signing up to automatic renwells. They refuynded me but in general we should all be aware that Internet Shopping is NOT as SAFE as we have all been led into believing over the last few years...BE AWARE READ T'S&C's.


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