Shenzhen Plus Tech Ltd.Good never received

I searched and found a particular laptop on I clicked the seller for a price quote. I got an email from Mr. Wang. I ask how much per laptop and he said $175. I asked if he accepted PayPal and he said NO, only Western Union or bank wire. I trustingly signed up on and send him $175 (+$15 for Western Union). I sent Mr. Wang the tracking number for the payment, I never heard from him again. I sent numerous emails begging him to return my money but he never replied.
I tried a shtick. I opened a fake gmail account and sent a price inquiry to Mr. Wang. He said he sells this laptop. I asked to call him and he sent me his number. I called. He spoke in broken English but he understood me.
After a few minutes, I revealed identity. I asked why he didn't answer my email or failed to send a laptop, and that was the end of our conversation. He hung up and never replied to my emails again.

I opened a case on They asked for numerous documentation. I sent them email logs, receipt from Western Union and all details. I just got an email from that they closed my case due to no contact with them.
All the searched now say they doo this all the time. My coworker did the same and had the same experience.

DO NOT BUY FROM ALIBABA.COM A bunch of crooks.

Feb 10, 2015

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