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I was very interested in the timeshare, and seemed like a good fit, so I began the buying process, including filling out the credit card form. Then, when the timeshare ownership forms were handed to me, I began reading, and questioning the yearly fees. I asked what the maximum increase per year might be, and after some "checking, " was told 20%. At that, I left, as it had been three hours, and I had other plans.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Kona, HI I never signed a single thing, except the credit card app, and then I receive the card, plus a charge on it for $4800. I immediately closed the card, and the charge is in dispute.
The timeshare might be a good deal, but with that 20% increase possible per year, nothing is "locked in." A 20% per year, could double the fees every five years! And don't fill out anything as they'll try to steal from you, as they are trying from me. Nothing is ever as good as it looks, and nothing in life is "free." Scary. Run far, and run fast, and don't fall for this scam.

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  •   Jun 26, 2008
    Shell Vacations - Scam
    Shell Vacations
    40 Skokie Blvd.
    United States

    Telemarketer called that we could receive 3 nites hotel and air for two people to Vegas if we would go to Chicago presentation of Shell Vacation timeshares. We went but did not buy. Received certificate for above travel but acknowledgment from Mini Vacations, 410 Ware Blvd, Tampa FL 33619 required $50 per person good will deposit, which we sent to MVI.

    MVI acknowledged a travel date several months hence and has since acknowledged at least 3 more dates as long as a year and a half after we heard the presentation. MVI has offered to refund our $100 if we accept trips of perhaps a third the value.

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  • Jo
      Sep 22, 2008

    Not surprised to hear of above complaint. My husband and I were recruited to go to a timeshare seminar on Kauai last year (even though we own elsewhere on the island!) And I swear I saw shills in the group of persons that were listening to the pitch nodding "YES YES" along with the woman selling to us. This was before they broke us up into couples/singles to go with individual salespersons for the highpower pitch.

    All of it was very confusing, but I got the idea that you never really OWN anything when you buy with them, you just buy a membership and a certain amount of points. I asked the young man how we could be assured of getting confirmed and he waffled sooooooo loudly he could have been John Kerry.
    They were very angry when we did not buy and escorted us out quickly when we showed the salesman that his math was off.

    Folks, this company is a scam. There are 3 things to remember: 1. It is never cheapest to buy directly from the resort. 2. You can ALWAYS buy on the resale market. 3. Even companies such as Marriott will treat their owners like crap after they have bought into it - heck, after they have your money, what good are you? Hotels will treat you better.

    We got our timeshare at the Cliffs Club as a Christmas present from my brother-in-law, but I don't know if everyone can get it as cheaply as we did :-) .

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  •   Oct 21, 2008
    Shell Vacations - Scammers and liars
    Shell Vacations
    United States

    Shell Vacation Club is a rip off! I wish I would have never set foot in their office! I am now paying 15K for a "point system" that allows you to go to their barely acceptable time share locations. They throw around a book full of beautiful photos of resorts and do not tell you the extra cost involved. They are dishonest liars DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR SALES PITCH! You are much better off paying the normal fees for decent hotels. I am now spending so much money and I have no way out! Shell Vacation Club is a bunch of money making liars!

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  • Lo
      Feb 28, 2009
    Shell Vacations - Terrible Value
    United States

    They hooked us in with the promise of great savings and 5 star properties. Neither is true, also they do not disclose during the presentation all of the associated fees such as $25 for transactions fees after the first 2. I bought 3500 points.

    I am a member of the Vino Bello Resort which is in a industrial area on the edge of NAPA, CA (WINE COUNTRY). Actually seems to be the newest and best of all of the properties. Then you look closely at the photos of the others they appear to be tired 3 star properties with a lot of hype marketing. Also the point system is does not seem correct. For 3500 points with cost me over 18, 000. We get a week in a studio unit and must bank the rest of the points. A week during the red season cost 3200 points. I should have look at the resale timeshares availble on the net. Prices are only 20% of the purchase price.

    This is a very bad deal. If you check the comments from previous resort visitors a constant complaint is thin walls. I need help to get out of this horrible deal. The Savings will never cover the cost of ownership. Anyone successful in getting a refund from Shell?

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  • Al
      Oct 13, 2010
    Shell Vacations - Awful customer service
    Shell Vacations
    United States

    I have tried for over a year to use the certificate provided AFTER I purchased the timeshare. I am sure that Shell Vacations knows that the company that they are using does not follow through. I am sorry that my money has been wasted. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB regarding the practices. I was very hopeful that I had found an honest company for once. They appear to be just like all of the others.

    Making contact is also very difficult; crazy business hours. I would not recommend to any other of my friends...Not Now!

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  • Sh
      Oct 13, 2010

    Hello Alwinla,

    As we responded to your previous post on this topic on another site, we are very sorry to hear you have had difficulties booking your trip with Holiday Travel. Again, we ask you to please contact us so we can assist you with this situation. To reiterate, here is our contact information in Customer Care:


    We are available to you seven days a week, Monday - Friday 11AM-9PM CST and Saturday and Sunday 9AM-5PM CST.

    We truly would appreciate the opportunity to assist you, but will need further information regarding your travel request sent to us before we can proceed. As we stated before, we certainly do not want this to leave a bad taste in your mouth as we are certain you will enjoy using your membership.

    Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Shell Vacations Club
    Customer Care Department

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