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Yes, this is exactly what I have found out about this retail company. As a customer, I prefer to make purchases easier for my side by ordering online. I have successfully done so, however, later on, I have decided to have the newly purchased blackberry exchanged with another item.

I have called up Sharaf DG's customer service twice and called up Customer Service at City Centre to confirm if the product can be exchanged. I want to ensure that I have the accurate information and that the change is acceptable, the reason I have made three calls. I have informed all the three customer service representatives that I have spoken with that I have purchased a product online and that I want it to be exchanged, all have confirmed that this can be done. They just reminded me not to open the product and bring the receipt with me when I go to any Sharaf DG stores, additionally, the new item that will be purchased should be of equal or higher value.

Equipped with this information, I have gone to Sharaf DG City Centre but right then and there, was advised that the exchange can't be done. I felt disappointed, more so frustrated as the Officer-In-Charge was even raising his voice to us. In all fairness to Sharaf DG, they have an Assistant Manager who has kindly spoken with us and explained the mistake of the Customer Service. Still, it is unacceptable that the Customer Service has given me wrong information three times. This is really rubbish.

To cut the story short, I agreed to have the product exchanged online. After several days, I collected the new-sealed phone, only to find out in few minutes when I got to open the package, that there is a crack at the bottom. I immediately called up my contact person and I was asked to go back to Times Square to have it checked. I am staying in Deira so one could imagine the time and effort that I have given, not to forget the heat I have to suffer.

When I got there, I have spoken with two people from Customer Service who without carefully checking the phone, said, that it had fallen that's why there's a crack. It may be hard to believe but I personally would not tell stories or lies and claim that I did not drop it. The truth is and I swear, I did not drop the phone. If the phone has fallen down, then there should be other scratches but there aren't and they did not check the phone carefully before pointing fingers to me telling that it's my fault. It may like be that before the phone has been put in the package, it already has a crack but these CSRs are implying that it was me who dropped the phone.

I have spoken for sometime with the Head of Sales in Times Square and then he promised to have the issue resolved within 3 working days - that I'll get a replacement phone in 3 days but after more than three days, with no call or update from their side, I still haven't got the product back. I already paid for a phone that I haven't even used even for a single call and a phone that is not in my hands.

This is my personal experience with Sharaf, I do not know what's yours but after this, I have resolved never to buy from Sharaf DG again. The will is still in your hands; you just have a think first and remember this story before going to this retail store. At the end of the day, you will believe what you want to believe. All I can say is that this is for me to know, would you still like to find out???

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  • Mr
      Aug 11, 2010

    yeah i know sharaf DG has poor customer service and sales after service.. i was working in deira city center and personally experienced.. its better to buy from small retail store

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  • Sh
      Dec 11, 2011

    I have to fully agree with this, Sharaf DG has the worst service that I have ever faced from a merchant. At all levels starting from their sales to the complain center. For God's sake even the complain center, which is claiming to record the calls. But regardless they are not doing their job or helpful. Which may imply that nothing is recorded and even if recorded no one is following from management, or even worse they do not care.
    I bought a hard drive over a month ago and had some issues since the first days, but I thought it was my PC. Then after about 10 days or less it has totally crashed. So I took it for their customer support center. The adventure started there !!
    There was no one in front me, just a guy at the counter and someone is following with him.
    The guy next to him asked to take a voucher from the queuing system !! I took one, but for a surprise the system was not working and no number are showing on the screen, When I asked, they said it is out of order. Very funny.
    Doesnt matter. I gave the hard drive and they promised to call the second day after they check with the vendor if to be replaced or repaired. This second day took 3 weeks. I went there several times during the 3 weeks, but in everytime, which had someone else at the counter, he can not locate the status of my drive and promised to call me the second day, which looks that this day never comes. On the 3rd week I called the complain center and they promised to take an action and this guy was so serious told me that he is sending the Ibn Battuta service center a tough email while Im on the phone. He promised to follow and call me on the second day ... again !!! ... looks that this second day is never meant to come !! ...
    After a week, I called the complain center again for this lady called Cindy again promised to follow and kept calling the service center to check the status. after keeping me on the line for over 10 mins waiting, she comes back again asking to give her and hour and she will definitely call me before 9 pm. At 9:05 pm I called again as no one called and I was worried that she would go home and forget. For God's sake she forgot the whole thing and I have to remind her bla bla bla !!. Her answer was that ... oh the service center is not answering, better that you call them and follow !!!
    My gooddness. Looks like a Sharaf DG gang thingy !! ... Any advice from anyone !!!. The best thing is to go and shout on all of them at their center and let every one knows the reality of their service.
    What do you think?
    Oh, yeah just for reference my service doc. no is SER/039437/2011 ... which none was able to locate !!

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  • Mu
      Feb 12, 2013

    what i get satisfcation from sharaf dg is big zero, i bought laptop from sharaf dg, it was really a trap for me&for every customer, i bought a display piece, after i reach home i realised that the webcam was not working, no clear at all, thn i went there they were playing with me like iam a stupid, briefly i went there 5 times, finely they agreed that their mistake, thn they change it for me, becoz of that confidence i went there again to bye one head set, SWEAR TO GOD there was no clear at all, again they play with me, you know what they said once open never take it back, before that they said it was clear, finelly i under stood that what ever they are saleing is 0%quality &high price, i waana tell to my friends (customers) dont ever bye anything from sharaf dg REALLY its my reaquest pls pls, BECOZ I DONT WANT ANY ONE SUFFER LIKE ME &PLAY WITH UR HYPER TENTION, IAM A MUSLIM &ITS TRUE

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  • Ma
      Oct 15, 2013

    i agree, even there technical services' personell are poor. The guy has cut original company moulded plug of my new samsung washing machine that i bought from Sharaf DG. Instead giving advise to arrange extension to make connection, he cut the original plug that contains the fuse in that. The fuse has some purpose of safety and he destroyed it. He has destroyed the worth of machine, i have suffered not these Sharaf DJ's people. Bad luck that i didn't read these articles before going to Sharaf DG.
    M. Anwar

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  • Ma
      Feb 04, 2014

    Hi good morning,
    My self Mashooq Raza and i lived in Abu Dhabi (UAE)
    Recently i had purchase a brand new lava mobile IRIS 402 and tablet which was kept in offer with SARAF DG dalma mall abu dhabi.
    android version is good but phone have basic problem with micro sd card and 3G.
    (1) when m trying to copy from my computer and going to paste in sd card it showing that all document are pasted and when i removed usb port and trying to see that song/photo etc there is nothing which i had paste.
    (2)3G also have problem when i connect data connection it is showing connected but it is not connected if that is connect it must be show symbol in front of sim network.I tried to web browsing it shows Internet not connected.
    point is main thing is not working.

    And i want to tell you that tablet is working properly instead of mobile.
    Please help me to repair or service
    Mashooq Raza
    Abu Dhabi (UAE)

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  • Ma
      Jun 03, 2014

    I bought a phone after two days not working 3 weeks in the service till now i don't know if it will work or not its very very bad really if I found any thing in Sharaf DG i will not buy again if its also free

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  • Lg
      Aug 05, 2015

    Sharaf DG is really the worst retailer in UAE. Poor customer service extremely pathetic attitude to customer complaints n v bad sales men. If u ever buy a product fr them make sure it is working before u walk out. I bought a hair straightener fr Abu Dhabi mall branch n i found it not working at home went back to store very next day but they maintained the policy is tht ther is no exchange or refund on these items. Most hopeless place. They treat you with utter disrespect and doubt all your statements. In this part of the world who will go back to a store with a complaint unless it is genuine? But sharaf DG treats customers like beggars! I walked out throwing the product at them though I had a serious urge to go to authorities but felt it is not worth my time. Will never ever buy anything fr this place!

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  • Su
      Jul 01, 2016

    I got a message from sharaf dg saying that if you are a priveldge air miles member sharaf dg is offering 100 dhs for 10000 air miles. When I went to their Mankhool store, the staff said they had no idea about the promotion. On asking further they were rude and disinterested to ask further saying that their system showed 100 dhs for 14000 air miles amd theu cant do anything about it. It is not the first time that sharaf dg is posting offers but not informing their staff well. Extremely rude staff and extremely bad of such a large organisation to do so.

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  • Ss
      Jul 19, 2016

    I purchased a Frigidaire dehumidifier from Sharaf DG Diera City centre on 16 July 2016. The delivery was scheduled for 17 July 2016.
    I have not yet received the delivery

    I have been calling up Sharaf DG call centre but the staff do not have any information. I tried calling the store number, but no one picks up the phone.

    The store staff are untrained and lack product knowledge.

    I wish I had read the reviews and avoided this store

    I would like a refund asap.

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  • Be
      Oct 26, 2016

    I have ordered iphone 7 plus through online. Since my order placed 10 days before, I haven't received the item or any feedback from them. I contacted their call center many times, but they were not able to provide exact date of delivery. Their support is terribly bad. Never ever I will choose Sharaf DG, This my first and last deal with them.

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  • Ra
      Jan 08, 2017

    Sharaf DG is the worst
    Expensive in price
    Dont buy from sharaf DG if you like your money

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  • Wk
      Jun 25, 2017

    Worst service in UAE is sharaf DG.Fooling customers

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  • Ra
      Oct 16, 2017

    True, I had the same experience with customer care. They will never tell you what will be their action. First, they delayed the delivery for more than 5 days. Later I cancelled the purchase which is worth more than 10000 Dhs, after 20 days still, it is not refunded to my account.

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  • Mu
      Nov 29, 2017

    100 % agree. worst every place to purchase an item. promised to deliver mobile phone next day as per the sales person and it's been working days with hopeless calls and clueless staff. Purchased headache actually. no sign of correct updated information yet.

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  • Je
      Dec 10, 2017

    they are the worst!! i bought a mobile phone online on 23 Nov and have been waiting and following up since then. just today i called their customer service again to follow up and they even want me to call the courier company. what an [censor]!! it's their job not mine! 5 mins ago after checking their website for update i found out that my order was cancelled already. I wasted my time and money to this worst company ever! and I'm not hoping i will get my money soon.

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  • Sh
      Apr 29, 2018

    Absolute worst customer service from some staff (not all) and still, Sharaf DG still has the urge to send an email asking for customer feedback and rating! If anything, DO NOT purchase from this store. They are absolutely a joke and their staff members lack training and knowledge about their products as well as professionalism overall.

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  • Sh
      May 05, 2018

    @Sharafcrap Actually, I was wrong. ALL of them are untrained, unprofessional and the store is running a scamming business. I hope they shut down.

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  • Ma
      May 06, 2018

    Not only their service is incompetent and unprofessional, they also have no shame telling lies and blackmailing their customers!!!
    Sharaf DG shame on you!!

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  • Bi
      Jun 16, 2018

    100 % agree... worst Customer service every place to purchase an item. promised to deliver Iphone 7 plus within 4 working days but its more than 7 days still i didnt get my product. They delayed the delivery for more than 7 days. Later I cancelled the purchase which is worth more than 7432 Dhs, after 2 days still, it is not refunded to my account as per the sales person and it's been working days with hopeless calls and clueless staff. Purchased headache actually. no sign of correct updated information yet.
    And their website also showing wrong information its showing product is in stock if i order customer care executive was said item was out of stock. I wasted my time and money to this worst company ever!

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  • Ja
      Dec 31, 2018

    Worst service. I ordered an item and after calling and chatting for three weeks, they say the item is not available. What a crap. Waiting for money back. Hell

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