Seven West Media / Channel 7 / william hill ads


Saturation advertising of player odds, how to make a bet and betting options incl after-tennis open options in horse racing. All this was shown in children's viewing time before 7.30pm with no thought of the consequences to young minds. Minature prints issue warnings but this is too inadequate. I hope that broadcasting controls bans gambling ads, same as tobacco and imposes same restrictions as alcohol advertising. I think your station has been irresponsible and hope further advertising restrictions are placed on your station and the world wide betting syndicates. I would look forward to meaning penalties to accompany advertising restrictions. It is a definite black spot on your rights to televise tennis. Tennis Aust, Channel 7 and betting syndicates should bear responsibility for the corruption of tennis players and the promotion of gambling to vulnerable people. Shame on you all.

Jan 29, 2017

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