Seven West Media / Channel 7 / channel 7 australian open final coverage.

Perth Metro Area, Western Australia, Australia

After 2 weeks of detailed coverage of the Tennis on channel 7, I find it utterly despicable and disappointing that channel 7 cut straight to the news in Western Australia, straight after the players' speech of the Federer vs Nedal final. Quite possibly the biggest game in the sports history and we weren't even able to watch the trophy being paraded around the stadium and watch the post match celebrations or interviews and watch the closing moments of a great tournament.

The tournament gets such adulation as one of the best sporting events, yet the channel hosting it are more concerned about showing the news reporting on what we have just watched, rather than let us enjoy the final proceedings of the whole tournament.

Channel 7 could have shown the news, or switched the Tennis to one of 3 other channels shown on free view that they air. Yet instead, they denied viewers who had watched this tournament so closely, to soak in the post match atmosphere of one the greatest games and rivalries the sporting world has ever seen.

This could be the last time we see these two players in a grand slam final, or get to hear the post match interview sharing their joy of winning one, and it is shocking Western Australian viewers have to put up with this. If channel 7 are more concerned to prioritizing showing news and grand designs on their broadcast channels, then maybe they should allow another broadcaster to have the rights to show this sporting event without compromising viewers experience of watching the event.

Channel 7 you should be ashamed of yourself, other broadcasters of sporting events around the world would never let this happen. I am still yet to see/ hear Federers' winning press interview...

Jan 29, 2017

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