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Plano TX, US
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I completed the assignment and I did not miss any guidelines and I had previously completed same restaurant job before. This time, the food was not acceptable and I rated it accordingly. The company told me I won't get paid because my feedback negatively affected the shop score. Pretty much, the company was not happy the feedback reflected the facts and said the photo doesn't match my feedback. However, it does and even they admitted it.
The reason to reject my work and not pay me is nor professional because I completed every part of the shop correctly. I reported the facts and the company was not happy that this time the report was not giving the restaurant a "perfect" score, so they rejected my work. I was not paid for my work, my work was done correctly. They even claim things that the photo does not support. This is a dishonest business.

  • Sentry Marketing Customer Care's Response, Mar 14, 2017

    Payment for any assignment is contingent on the assignment being completed in accordance with company policy and assignment guidelines. Complainant's report deviated from assignment guidelines to the extent that rejection of the report was the only alternative.

  • Updated by allu, Mar 14, 2017

    It did not deviated. The company is straight out lying. They asked a question "did the food look appealing?" and I answered "No" and provided explanation, the photo supports those claims. Just because you disagree that this food looked appealing to you, doesn't mean you should not pay me.
    You are making things up;, a dishonest company. I will be contacting my lawyer about your non-payment.

Mar 14, 2017

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