SeneGence Internationalsenegence.

I became a distributer in January, 17. Paid my 55 dollars, plus 200, for a lip kit. I have since barely been able to order anything! Everything is out of stock! Everything! When there is anything in stock, there is a big announcement, but then you can't even get on the webpage! After much repeated and long trying, you finally do get on, there is no stock left! Yet, they keep recruiting more and more distributers!!! There is nothing to sell! They are charging for distributerships, who have nothing to sell. I have been waiting for a month for an order! I have emailed numerous times. No response. I have called. Just a recording that says " unable to accept messages, mailbox is full"
If I hear "growing pains" again, I will throw up! Stop recruiting! Stop allowing anyone to order and hoard, if you can't keep up! FIX YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE BEFORE YOU KEEP RECRUITING NEW PEOPLE!!!
I want my money back, and I want my last, stupid order!!!

May 07, 2017

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