Sem Value PlusSem value plus membership unauthorised deduction of $24.5 monthly

Sem value plus
Attn: customer service,
P. o. box 5265, hopkins, mn [protected].

Dear sir/madam,
I visited the usa on holiday from 21st nov 2014 until 29th dec 2014. during this time I made several purchases by mastercard credit card no. xxxx in the name of kenneth ellison. to my alarm I now belatedly notice that an amount of around €20+ ($24.95) has been deducted monthly from my account between the dates of 5th jan 2015 and 24th april 2017 a total of €676.47 (see attached) under the name of sem value plus with a phone no of [protected].
On researching the internet I find that many other people have been placed in this position having never given authority for payments to be deducted
I have no idea what this deduction is for and have certainly never authorised payment. I am requesting an immediate refund otherwise I will need to advise my lawyers to instigate proceedings against you.
I will be telephoning you and emailing to ensure you receive this letter, reimburse me and stop all further payments.

Yours sincerely

K m ellison

May 01, 2017

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