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Too whom it may concern..My name Terrance Taylor an I have an Claim with your company.I been off work since 12-08-2016 without any money coming in my rent is due car payment are coming soon...I need food for me an my sin too eat but with any money for my workman's comp where straving...My claim red is Veronica Gutierrez.She isn't working hard enough too get my Claim off delay.I've sent everything that was asked of me to your company...I have talk too Veronica as well as her supervisor the situation an they have done nothing for me far as getting my money started...I need Help too pay my bill...LAUSD doesn't give me vacation nor illness time...Broke

Employee:Terrance Taylor
Date of injury: 12/02/2016

Employer: Los Angeles Unified School District

Claim Number: [protected]-0001

Sedgwick Claims Management

Jan 15, 2017

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