Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. / not paying me.

Bloomington, IL, United States
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Securitas is over a month and a half late on payment to me for 6 hours of overtime. On top of that they're late for the last check a week ago of over 200 dollars. Together they owe over 300 dollars. Calling them they just throw me around. It's illegal to not pay someone after a month in a professional career such as Security which is the longest time a person is allowed to wait. They want me to drive 45 minutes with less than an hour's notice to places to work and offer little to no extra pay. They offer no benefits anymore. Their arbitration agreement is completely unreasonable because arbitration by itself should never exist. It just puts one more thing in-between us and the Federal courts. Something no person should have to deal with. It costs money to file and after they don't pay you how can you file? It's not like they pay enough to have extra money just laying around. It's a bare minimum pay job for dangerous and serious work. They remove any guard from a site for one complaint from a client with no proof. They don't respect their employees. They lie to their employees. When an employee is doing something seriously wrong like driving under the influence, a felony, they just move them to a different site. Like the new client, who only needs 1 complaint to remove someone, would want that. They show no regard for ethics whatsoever and give out personal information at a whim. Whenever one employee has a dispute with the other they wish to stay anonymous on the employer also tells the employee who was complaining about them. This company is absolutely the worst company I have ever worked for.

Jul 15, 2015

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