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Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. / terrible employer, abusive work environment!

1 150 S. Wacker DriveChicago, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (312)715-1550

This organization will lie to you in so many ways that it’s unimaginable how they’re able to stay in business. First they will lie to your face when they tell you how much you’re going to be making. They’ll talk up a reasonable sum but when you get paid you’ll see that you’re making about two thirds of what they promised. That was my problem when I started working. They promised me $12.00 an hour to start but I was only making $9.00 when I got my first check. When I complained they said I was on a probationary period and wouldn’t get a raise until after the probationary period was over. When the probationary period was over, I didn’t get my raise and when I complained they explained to me that it’s up to the Union to provide the raise. I complained to the Union and they told me that it’s my employers responsibility to provide the raise.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the high turnover rate. At what they pay, they can’t keep anyone who is good at being a security officer. People leave all of the time because they can’t believe how they’re getting screwed. The people who stay are such terrible employees that they can’t get jobs elsewhere. So they all create a culture of laziness to support each other.

They also refuse to pay people what they promise their clients they intend to pay. They had the Chicago Transit Authority for years and kept saying that they have to raise their fees because the Union demanded it, the CTA had no problems with paying the raise but what they didn’t know was that the officers were making $8.00 and hour with annual raises of .25 cents a year, but being billed for people making $14 to $15 dollars an hour and semi-annual raises of a dollar.

Securitas also has the cheapest training program of any kind of employer that I’ve ever seen. They have these online training programs that are MS Powerpoint Presentations with simple tests at the end of each that you could only fail if you can’t read.

They also don’t seem to be interested in making sure that you’re safe when you do your job. There have been countless times I’ve been dispatched to respond to a situation with no one backing me up. I had to throw a homeless guy out of an ATM at a bank branch at 2 in the morning and there was a real problem with these homeless guys retaliating, one guy even used pepper spray on another officer.

If you decide to point out that your supervisor is a jerk, or screwing around, they will set you up to loose your job really quick. One Supervisor was notorious for sneaking off to take naps, and when one of his people complained management started to harass the complaining officers. They either set you up by isolating a single infraction, like being late for work or whatever, or they make your life miserable until you quit.

If you’re offered a job by this company, don’t bother trying to negotiate anything with them or getting it in writing, they will screw you over no matter what you try. Just pass them up and use your energies on something else. There are lots of good companies that you can work with, this one is a huge scam.

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  • Ja
      29th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    While working for the company I was also a full-time Police Officer and held many certifications within the security and law enforcement field. Securitas did not let my pay reflect that. They would bargain down to the bottom dollar. Paycheck after paycheck would come and sure enough my pay was at their discretion. I never had the same paycheck throughout my entire employment. I was more than qualified and they placed me a leadership position without the pay. I retained my employment for the fact that I enjoyed the duties I performed and the team I was working with.

    On several occasions I would cover other contracts/sites as flex officer. How demeaning, but the overtime was good. The only issue was, again, my paycheck did not reflect the overtime that I had accumulated. Here I was helping the company and the least they could do would be to compensate me for my time.

    While working as ERT, I had the area of approximately 20 square miles. Within 20 square miles I had a couple of large cities which contained populations 50,000 +. I responded to alarms regardless if they were false or actual. On one particular occasion the alarm company called me to respond to a particular location. They alarm company gave me the address and the alarm status. I was in the area and responded promptly within 6 minutes. After securing the site I determined that alarm was not activated and called the alarm company back with that information. I verified the site location name and address with the alarm company and explained that at the site the alarm had not been activated. I cleared the call without incident.

    The next day I was called into the Securitas office. My District and Regional manager were waiting. They inquired about the alarm that I had the day prior. I explained what had happened and presented the corresponding forms that I had documented the alarm response. The District manager explained that an alarm had went off at another location which was the same client account. He stated that the client said that the building was vandalized and thousands of dollars of company assets were taken from the property. After looking at my paperwork and speaking to the alarm company, we ALL determined that the alarm company had given me the wrong location address which was associated with that client account. No fault of mine I thought. Boy was I misinformed. The Client wanted “someone to held responsible”, which was told to me by the District Manager. This particular client was Securitas’ largest contract in the immediate area. So go figure they are going to keep this client happy. So what does Securitas do they said they were “letting me go” and “terminating my employment” because I was an “at will employee”, not because of this incident.

    Securitas, in my opinion and by evidence, misrepresents itself, violates labor laws, safety standards and is a money first before the employee company.

  • Se
      13th of Feb, 2009
    -4 Votes

    That is BS. The way you treat the company is exactly the way it will treat you. If you were a lazy, stupid employee then you know how they will treat you? They will treat you like a lazy, stupid employee. Its like that in any company. Unless the government payes benifits to a company that employs lazy, stupid employees. If you lived up to those 12.oo and hour instead of complaining and demanding for them, then you would get them.

  • Tp
      14th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I cannot wait to bring this company to court. I was unlawfully terminated for "insubordination". This came after the company requested that I would sign a "Voluntary Resignation" form. I refused at the most and requested that I would be terminated. Although, There was no excuse for termination it was granted. FSM Andrew Stokoe was making his little british comments directed at me, (Very rude comments). I spoke my peace directed at him. After I was terminated for unlawful reasons, I told Mr. Andrew Stokoe, He is nothing but a "Blow-Hard".
    This after all was final, was the reason for my termination because this company never had a reason to let me go.

  • De
      20th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Amen this company is a bunch of crooks!!

  • De
      20th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    The corporation itself is only concerned with making short-term money, garnered by reaping profits from a huge client base in every major sector of the security industry. This leads to low wages and morale, poor and abusive management, illegal business practices and labor and safety law violations, and all this in a company with over 200, 000 employees which also promulgates nepotism, racism, and favoritism at the branch operations level. They are a poster-child for what large Private Security have ( and shouldnt have) become.

  • Eq
      1st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with all the posts written. I began working for Securitas Security company immediately after being discharged honorably from the military. I work with them at a college campus for a mere 5 weeks. Within that five weeks I was quickly introduced to the ### that goes on there. Securitas guards work along side Peace Officers there. They pretty much govern what we do and how we do it. Everything was seemingly very professional. I felt underpaid. I had the option to fore-go my health insurrance for an extra dollar per hour which brought me to 10 per hour.

    Nearing the end of my first week there I was harrassed by 2 of the peace offiers. Unfortunately they were the ones assigning the additional campus training and giving my weekly tests and alarm/scenerio drills. These guys would come up to my post one at a time twice each. Their story was a man (a Sergent Peace Officer) had put handcuffs on a woman and done sexual things to her and did I see anything? My telling the truth and saying "No." was not enough. When the 2nd peace officer came up to me another time I then knew this could get out of hand. At that moment I should have brought it up to the headquarters but I was so desparate for work I didn't thinking it would all slide by in short time. I was threatened that by me not using my military core values and agreeing to side with them that this could have a bad outcome on my employment there. I was approached twice more for the same situation. Sure enough I was fired for being in the wrong place. The place I was in covered my posts. However, my posts seemed to have been instantly changed. I was told I had the north side of campus which covers 50% of it. Where I was I had right to be. I was blamed for using their equipement etc.. without authorization of even having the post I was told by post command.

    First day I worked there moral of all the other officers were low. Seemed like a project apartment hallway when I frist started working there. Everyone showing me their nooks n crannys to do nothing for the 9 hour shifts. Everyone with the exception of 3 were doing the absolute wrong thing.

    As far as my pay was concerned, I was quick to ask for overtime. And I'd sure did get it. During our first shift we'd get a 30 minute lunch break which was not subtracted from our paychecks. However, if we done another 8 hour shift we'd get the first half hour lunch break as well as the 2nd half hour lunch break taken off. For some reason that was the way it works. So I figured it's really nothing to complain about. Instead of getting paid 16 hours I get paid 15 hours. Now when I get my paycheck which was weekly, it would say I was paid 13.65 hours instead of 16. It shows that I've done 16 hours OT but I'm only paid for 13.65 hours of it. Doesn't make sense to me. Also once per month Securitas removes 25 dollars for a licensing fee. Even if I was there longer than 5 weeks, I was only a couple more weeks from abandoning that job for another. It was totally not worth it and I wish even a year later there was something I could do about it legally.

  • Ya
      3rd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Agree completely. I began working for Securitas shortly after relocating to Florida and obtaining my security license. My first experience with them should have given me warning. When I arrived for my interview, I waited 2 hours only to be told that the woman interviewed in front of me had gotten the position, but that they did have another opening that I could fill. This was in a location one hour from my home, but since I was in need of a paycheck I agreed. Actually, they basically told me that they hired me because I was white, and implied that this meant I was more trustworthy. So, not only are they money hungry and a horrible employer, but they violate EEO laws to boot. In any case, I reported to my post on time for three weeks, and NEVER received a paycheck. When I called to inquire, they directed me to the payroll office in NJ, who told me that they sent the check to the wrong address. Finally, after three weeks of not getting paid, I told them (truthfully) that I could not afford the gas to get to my post. They gave me the run around and would not answer my phone calls, basically forcing me to go in to my shift. Also, they would harass me on my days off by calling many times in a short span asking me to come in or work different/extra hours. However, when I would try to call, nobody would ever answer. Additionally, when I was hired they told me that I would only work third shift for the first day. However, it quickly became an everyday situation. The shift schedule was was erratic, and they would often have me work third and second shift in the same week. Overall, everyone is correct in saying that this is a huge scam with a giant turnover rate, and they screw you out of money and time.

  • Bl
      23rd of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Working for Securitas Services, means to be in a DEAD END, one step close to be HOMLES. The company knows that, and treats people accordingly. They can terminate you at any time, without a prior notice, and exploit you at the point that you quit. THEIR STRATEGY IS HIRE, AND FIRE. They are HIRING continuously because they are TERMINATING people continuously. Most of their employee are desperate people, not able to find another job. 90 % are illiterate and most of them ignorant. IF you decide to work for Securitas, that is your choice. There is only one explanation for their low pay. IF YOU PAY PEANUTS, YOU GET MONKEYS.

  • Ha
      26th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Here's one for the records. I was hired in January 2009, but they didn't put me to work until late February 2009. They promised me wages to compensate my having to drive an hour to work and back home. Instead, they paid me minimum wage. In one year's time, I was placed at four different sites. Last September, I took on a paper route, just to make ends meet. Now I'm on suspension for not telling them about the paper route. They said that it interferes with my working for them. They suspended me last month at Christmastime, because I refused to drive to a site an hour's drive away to sit in a parking lot for 12 hours in the middle of a snowstorm. I was suspended for three weeks for refusal of an assignment.

  • Ji
      24th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Securitas is the worst security agency you can possibly work for, I used them only as a means to complete school. However, when started with them was told about week later that the position was temporary but would in fact would become permanent due to the fact that a pending large contracting project with Halliburton would develop. I was the best employee you could possibly be, I followed my post orders to the letter and I never once reported late, I never complained about anything. There was an older black female loading dock sargeant who would actually cursed out anybody that made her mad, especially contractors. She would boast about being with Securitas for over twenty years (over twenty years and only made about $14 to $15 phr.) she would plot on who she would like to see fired next and use her twenty year clout to make it happen. Behind the white employees back she would say ugly things about their race and about them. There were two other sargeants and she would comment on how much she couldn't stand them. If a security officer would make a very, very, minor mistake she would call them "stupid" and express how she plans to get rid of them. The captain of the site was very aware of her behavior, but she even scared him and so he acted as if he didn't notice anything and allowed her to continue her ignorant behavior. After my asssignment was completed I was called into the office by the captain and was told that they had to let me go because my position was temporary and they had nothing left for me to do. I asked about his earlier promise that my job would be permanent after the assignment. His only answer was that I was a good employee and he wished that he could keep me but he just couldn't. He instructed me to return to the main office and re-apply and for sure I would receive another assignment somewhere else in the city of Houston. I went there and spoke with a very arrogant and incompetant Field Manager named Daniel, instead of him helping me he treated me as if I did something terribly wrong. He spoke to me like a child, mind you I am 57 years old. As a result I found other employment not related to security with better pay and much better management. I believe that this lady (let's call her Nancy) at the loading dock had something to do with it all, although I never did anything to her I believe she gets her kicks at bringing people down, she is a big hypocrite because tells people that she is Christian but plays the lottery every morning and curses like a sailor all day long. She is a very illiterate individual and it makes her feel important to try and ruin somebody just for the hell of it. Anyone thinking about a security job especially in Houston, do not apply at Securitas Security Services. There are some very reputable security companies like Allied-Barton or Pinnacle Security; stay away from Securitas at all cost eventhough they are well-known, they are the cheapest most low-class employer in town, and it is hard to understand how they stay in business. I guess they continue to hire anyone hard-up for a job and in this time of recession they have a lot of candidates.

  • Dr
      7th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    All I'm seeing here are negative comments but nobody seems to want to say what they liked. I have worked for Securitas for just under two years and I enjoy my job. I may only make $8/hr but the reality is I drive less than two miles to my site. My job is easy, I 'm not lazy but I like a laid back work environment. Our seven man team includes some great people, but there is one that nobody likes, you have that pretty much anywhere. When I started with Securitas I was at the bottom of the ladder but in about year I became second in command at my 30 acre site. It doesn't seem like something to be proud of but I am. I honestly believe Securitas is a pretty decent company, you just have to be in the right place. We have good management and plenty of sites to work at. One thing to remember is this is a security company not a police agency we don't get 'hard-core' training or assignments. If you and others had problems which didn't get resolved, you didn't go far enough to get them resolved.

  • Cr
      9th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    DrakeKing, if you are happy making $8.00 per hour then Securitas is definitely the place for you. Good luck!

  • Ji
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Securitas is one of those sleazy companies that is too large to bring down all at once. But I predict that pretty soon they will be brought down. If big banks and big insurance can be brought to the chopping surely a low-class sleazy company such as Securitas can be brought down. If you are ever in the city of Houston, Texas and looking for quick employment please, please, please by-pass Securitas. They actually get a kick out of mistreating their employees, beware of the warning signs a company whose hiring process in unnecessarily complicated is an employer for whom working will be unnecessarily complicated. Endless rounds of interviewing are a good indicator of a boss who's afraid to take responsibility for their own decision. Look at Securitas' so-called orientation and training, it cheapest training [if you can call it that] in the industry. Their website limits their story. Why? Because they are not proud of it, all those who defend this company are nothing less than idiots because Securitas is the ### of the earth when it comes to employment. Someone mentioned laziness, well laziness is what this company projects and what you project is what you will get.

  • Un
      15th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I've only worked for this company for a little over a month. So far they have let go two guards and we've lost three. Because of there ridiculous hiring procedure we have not and probably will not have replacements anything soon. They want the interviewee to drive 100+ miles to interview paying a bridge tole too, not knowing if they will even get a job that pays $8/hr. This situation is leaving the guards that are left to work 12 to 16 hours shift to make up for the missing guards. On top of that every single guards first paycheck from the company was mess up. Lets just say I'm looking for new employment.

  • Js
      19th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sounds like a lot of turned over employees with issues. I have been with the company for less than a decade, and believe me, I have seen my share of problems. I suggest you document and stand up for yourself. I got a great piece of advice once, an older man who worked at my site told me to keep EVERY piece of paper I got, take it home and file it. I have done that. It helped me out of a lot of sticky situations. I have had my name dragged through the mud. I have been on the verge of my reputation being forever destroyed over lies and gossip. I have held my calm and continue to document and have a close working relationship with the office staff. I think a lot of the issues here are from employees that didn't seek out a higher answer. There is always Branch Managers, HR, Area and Regional Managers, there is also the Alert Line. Many avenues that can be traveled to get your situation resolved. Don't be bullied at your site, and don't be bullied at the office. Good luck to you all.

  • La
      10th of Jun, 2010
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  • La
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    a legend in their own minds...

  • An
      22nd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'll make my comments short and to the point. I am currently working with Securitas for just a tad under 6 months now. I feel unappreciated, it's a dead end job, the benefits; "better yet, WHAT BENEFITS!", NO job recognition, etc. etc. At Securitas this is just a temporary means of making ends meet. It's a shame!

  • Sj
      28th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    i started working for securitas in virginia in may 2010, i paid 75 for dcjs security license, which i did. i also i have have to have my finger print taken. mr bill murray is the person who supposed to take my finger print, instead of him taking everyone's finger print he let one security guard who was going throu her re-certification classes do our finger print.sure enough that came back, they re-do my finger print but this time it came back because dcjc needs another $75, i told the managment there my story, they said they understand thats not my fault but if i need to get my license i need to pay another $75.
    thats not the only problem for the past 2 months i've been workng with this company as a floater so i was doing all kinda hours.when i calculated my hours i had 136 hrs in 2 weeks.which i only received 83hrs of it.i talked to my scheduler andre dickerson who told me some of the hrs goes to different pay period.i said fine can u calculate all the hours i should be paid for without telling him how many hours i was paid for.after he calculated it came up to 104 i showed him how much i got paid.he looked and said i dnt knw how or where did the rest of the u'r hrs went..mind u thats my i won't let it go at that..i called the hotline and made case we will see where these scums will take me. 07-28-2010

  • As
      8th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    pssssst( REPLY TO SYJEEBLE) The company is so dysfunctional nationwide that it is a turkey-shoot guess whether the uneducated fools they hire to do payroll are just unskilled and uneducated, or whether they are still dishonest and trying to cheat the guards! Needless to say, in a variety of situations with that company, you will be disappointed in many situations that arise. Keep a spare job on the back burner-'cause they hire-and-fire like porn stars shooting sex sequences-and tell you nothing! I know-spent years inside that little nest of iniquity-and it isn't any better since "THE EURO-TRASH" took over the dishonest and incompetent operation-they just figured out how to screw more money ( LIKE YOU REALLY BELIEVE THEY DIDN'T GET YOUR INITIAL 75.00 DOLLARS, AND THEN SCREWED YOU TWICE?!) out of the working poor-because they are easy prey! The music theme of the guards working for this company is "THE CHICKEN DANCE"!

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