Seatwaveterrible customer service - as a seller

Seatwave are terrible to deal with as a seller of tickets. Seatwave's customer service is the slowest I have ever had to deal with, anywhere! There is no customer service number to phone (Unless you manage to find some uk numbers, but that would cost me a lot to phone them). Seatwave don't even read your complaint properly and automatically mark it down as resolved; once they finally get around to bothering to reply to you. The website looks impressive at first glance. It's not. Seatwave have a rubbish website. Seatwave do have a tutorial on youtube about using their site... The webpages on this video dont even match what appears when you are selling tickets. Seatwave are awful! Seatwave have caused me extra stress. The sale will most likely not go through because of seatwave's poor customer service. Seatwave are charging for making this easy. Seatwave make this hard - bad customer service. Seatwave are terrible.

Jun 15, 2015

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