I am just writing to say that I have just received a £9 bill for 7 phone calls to you while I was attempting to get help about tickets I bought from you for a concert that was happening the next day.

I could not get through to a person, the helpline was unhelpful with a robotic voice which had nothing useful to say about my problem and there was no other way that I could seemingly receive help. I submitted an online form asking for help and it was never answered, and still hasn't been.

The only way that anyone seems to get any information from you is Twitter (which I have only discovered today) and not everyone uses Twitter. I think you should review your helplines because I would have missed the concert if I hadn't been determined to get through to you - hence the ridiculous number of calls and now charges. I just wanted you to know because whenever I have attempted to get in contact with this company it has been almost impossible.

Emma Winton

Jan 08, 2017

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