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Sears Carpet Cleaning / carpet cleaning

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

I am just writing in order to save anyone who is thinking about having their carpets cleaned or ordering appliances the trouble of dealing with not one but TWO incompetant companies. To make a long story short... I had just bought a house whos carpets were approx 2 years old. Because of the heavy traffic in the downstairs prior to us owning it, we decided to clean the rugs...they were in good shape just dirty and in need of a deep cleaning.
Now my sister owns a cleaning company in which she would of done it for me, had she not been out of state and we needed them cleaned right away so we can move in the next day. I had received a flyer from Sears and decided to call them and schedule an apt to have it done. During the phone conversation I was told that I would not need to be there that they could do the job and lock up after they were done. This was against my better judgment however I work two jobs and my boyfriend works shift work and neither of us could stay for the entire job.
That day Sears sent three men in their late 20's out for the job. They showed up at my house last minute and I had to leave work to let them in. I had asked them if I should vacumm the carpets prior to the cleaning and I was told that they do it and it's part of the service so not to worry about doin it. At this point I thanked them, asked them to lock up and left. After work I arrived home excited to see the carpets clean, to my shock they were nastier than they were before the cleaning!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I understand that major stains/paint would not come out...but I'm talking they looked worse and smelt to high heaven! My sister showed up the next night and checked it out for herself. She was in shocked over it as well, especially because she had seen the rug prior to the cleaning, was used to performing the service and knows what to expect. She told me that they might have gone over the rug with the machine but they obviously did it sloppily due to the lines the machine left and she advised me that there was NO WAY that used any kind of cleaning solution... they were still greasy and stunk.
I called sears the next day. Spoke to the man in charge of the carpet cleaning dept in Jersey which had done ( or attemped to do) the service. I was given a hard time about them having to come back, and he tried to tell me that his workers who had done the job documented the rugs as being 10-15 years old!! haha...So I tried to correct him telling him they were only 2 years old and that I had the paper work to prove it. He basicly in so many words told me it didn't matter what I had that he trusts his men and not what I was telling him. We both had an atitude at that point with eachother but he gave me an apt anyway. He spoke to me very unproffesionally. the next day the guys showed up...again late. I was very sincere and told them that perhaps the machine malfunctioned and the soap didn't work or something...they just stared and made their way into the house disreguarding the fact that I had even said anything to them. They were rough in doing the set up, banging my front door around throwing their equiptment ect.
After setting up they asked my in an annoyed tone " well mam what area did you want done over?" I ALMOST DIED! what area??!! I thought to myself "the whole damn thing"! I bit my tongue and kindly tried to explain that it wasn't just an area but the entire carpet. They looked at me as if I had three heads. They then called their boss and in the middle of speaking to him handed me the phone! I got on the service guy's cell phone and was greeted with such disrespect I was in disbelief! He bascally told me that they were not doing it over and that I was crazy and being ridiculous! He actually said that! I tried my best to keep a leveled tone and make some sense of the coversation and redirect it and there was no use he degraded me and hung up!!!
Now, I am not a loud person. I never complain...ever. This was an honest problem that I figured a company that supposently stands behind there services and products would solve. The service men lefted huffing and puffing and on their way out scratched up my entire living room wall that I had just painted!!
Unbelievably upset I called and called and called for days straight until I was actually connected to a representative that directed me to a lady that worked for their customer relations dept. Her name is Tina Corn. After calling like 20 times I had finally reached her explained my story and she told me she would look into the situation. It took about 15 telephone conversations after that in which after getting to the point of arguing with her as well I FINALLY got some where. She told me that she would be sending paper work out for me to fill out and that as soon as I sent it back and they receive it I was be reinburst. Well...I received the paperwork, immediately filled it out, sent it certified and it's now been approx a week since I sent it. I tried calling today and I had gotten in touch with another rep who assured me that I would be called back within 5 minutes to settle this situation and guess what? It's been two call...and I still have not received my reinburstment for a job which was never properly done which I spend $218.00 for.
Secondly, during the same week I had ordered a wash machine from Best Buy. Everything was great the rep was wonderful very helpful and told me it would be arriving in tops 14 days, and that if they needed to they would contact me. 2 1/2 weeks later I decided to call to see what the status is with the order. To my surprise I was told it was cancelled! No one tried to contact me even tho they had all my info. When I asked why the only excuse was that it went to my junk mail! So annoyed I re-ordered it. The next thing I know the next day my checking account was overdrawn!!! They charged me TWICE! I have been nonstop trying to get both they situations straightened out...Nothing seems to be working. No matter who I speak to I end up with no answers. My question is...does ANYONE know how to do their job?????!!!

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  • Al
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    I use Sears Carpet everytime and i have no problem with them. I use the service in Syracuse, New York. My carpets turned out great so i believe that it was only that service was bad. I recommend Sears Carpet 100% and you don't need to complain and try to hurt other franchises of Sears.

  • To
      5th of Apr, 2009
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    I had a similar problem with Sears carpet cleaning. They are a bunch of idiot monkeys who does not give a ### about the customer. I reported them to BBB. The good thing is that I was home when they did the "cleaning" and when I checked the carpet it was exactly as dirty as before. I told them to get the hell out of my house and did not pay a penny! It is very hard to find a company and employee who really cares about the customer. I WISH that all these idiots bankrupt and the careless employees end up on street begging for change to survive. This all they deserve!

  • Un
      4th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    WELL TOMIX. I think you need to evaluate your comment. EVERY DAY we bust our butts to do our job! I don't appreciate being call an idiot monkey- or being told I should end up on the street. Just because you were unhappy DOES NOT! mean that we are incapable. I am so upset with your comments and hope that people do NOT take your word as the truth. We are dedicated and hard working- like any other american. I CANNOT believe that free speach enables people to disrespect someone in such a manner. You clearly are an uneduacated person. Thank you for your incorrect and inaccurate comment.

  • Bl
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    sears carpet cleaning sucks. they called yesterday to say they'd be here between 11- 3 and then called 2 hours later and said 12-4. Then today they called and said their truck broke down on the highway and that they couldn't come!! WTF??! Never again!

  • Ha
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    Sears Carpet Cleaners - DOUBLE CHARGING
    United States
    Phone: 800-346-4959

    Got my carpet cleaned, and my check didnt go through for some reason, so they charged it to my debit card...two days later, they charged me a SECOND TIME for the same transaction, causing my account to be overdrawn, and i had to pay $30 in overdraft fees PLUS the fact that my $144.00 carpet cleaning took $264.00 out of my account...i called twice to get it resolved, and they never called me back...this company is a bunch of sheisty crooks that steal money from customers...

  • Li
      15th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ok your statement about cleaning chains not careing is a broad untrue statement.iv been with sears about 15yrs starting in tulsa and now in arkansas.iv seen more private owners act the way you describe, everything i do, i do my best i have more repeat customers than any other company i know as well as anyone in my own branch, we all are trained better than anyother carpet cleaners around as well in difficult stain removel, i wont say i can get every stain out but i will say if i cant get it no one will be able to either...the northwest arkansas sears carpet cleaning branch has won more awards and voted best carpet cleaners in the readers choice awards every year since we joined it beating stanly steamer every year as well as all others entered in the short we are the best and proven it time and again...and no im not an owner or manager but i do care about my company

  • Da
      21st of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I guess I won't use sears carpet cleaning

  • Ev
      26th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I hope the BBB will come down strong on these guys. They are cheating you and disrespecting your time. I threw the service guy out yesterday when he shoved up with this inny minny machine that I can rent from Home Depot and mess up my carpet even worse.
    First, they don't call you back with the arrival/service time, so I spent half a day calling them. After 1PM finally I have a time: 3-6PM. So, I leave the house to take care of some chores when i get the call that they are in front of my house @ 2 PM. I'm dropping everything, driving back like a maniac just to find this guy with this tiny cleaning machine, telling me that my rug can not properly be cleaned. No, [censor] Sherlock! I called the manager to complain, who actually told me that the particular cleaning device that comes with a van and hoses into the street, that's a special order. Where exactly does that say anywhere on their web page?????? I got nothing but bad manners and treated with a nasty attitude by the management of SEARS.
    Shame on you for wasting someone"s time and still not doing the job!
    WEll, I always dealt with Stanley Steamer before, and will forever! I called them immediately after the incident with SEARS
    The next day, I received a courteous phone call when they will be here, and sure enough they were here, professional service and respectful, my carpet is spotless just like new in less than 30 minutes and the price was cheaper than SEARS.

    As a future warning for anyone who even has the inclination to call SEARS for carpet cleaning, think twice and DON"T!
    There is respectful, professional service out there, you deserve to get all your money's worth!

  • Dl
      18th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I called the Blue Crew (Livonia, MI) and when they were done I was blue. There was no "crew" just a guy who was supposed to clean two rooms of carpet and a sectional. I don't really think the price should be the issue when you pay to have a job done. I shop around for the best price sure, but the service is not supposed to suffer because you got a good price. I paid to have these items PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED! When the man left my carpets and sectional were neither. It was like I paid to have them given the "once over". NO. If he had to go over them 2 or 3 times so be it. Whatever it takes to get them CLEAN. Really if he had done more than the once over, I don't think I would have been so unhappy. He noted that my sectional was in poor shape. I think he did this because he did such a poor job. The sectional is less than 5 years old and the carpet is 3 years old. After he left I saw that he didn't do a good job so I called and was told that my call would be returned the next day.

    I never heard another word from anyone. I moved all the furniture in advance of the appointment so he could concentrate the majority of his time doing what I paid him for... getting my stuff CLEAN. The sofa had water spots on it from my dog, and probably my grandson in basically one or two areas. I could have bought the cleaning supplies myself and done a good job myself, but I broke both my wrists in a car accident last year and so I thought I would pay to have this done. After I paid him, I did just what I tried to avoid. I bought the cleaning stuff and did a really nice job cleaning it myself. I wish I had read these reviews before I called Sears. I found large spots near the back door that were dark and wet so I put some kitchen rags on them to soak up the moisture, and they turned brown with mud. I seriously question if he steam cleaned them with no solution or prespotting or anything.

    I believe that is probably the reason that Sears is not such a going concern anymore. If they put a little more "concern" into their customers and the service that they advertise, they might find that their previous solid image as a reputable merchant would help their declining profile. But I won't be calling them for any services real soon.

  • So
      2nd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I cleaned carpets professionally for about 4 years. Half of it part time, part of it full time. The last 6 months I was a foreman/estimator for a 2-3 man crew. Prior to being the foreman for my last employer, I worked for a company that had very slick/slippery estimators. They would promise what can't be delivered. I can't come into a home where there is a 15 year old, low end, worn out carpet and make it like new. Nobody can. Likewise, customers have these expectations we can restore their 15 year old, low end, worn out carpet and make it look like new.
    The way we'd work is I'd go out about 15-20 minutes ahead of the tech and do the first estimate. Assuming we had a deal, I'd start vacuuming with a heavy duty Royal 1030z all-steel, American made, old school, high power vacuum. This alone would give the customer a chance to see where we are going, what to expect. That's the big deal, no surprises, you have to tell them the truth, they have to understand the situation. At some point, the tech or techs would arrive. Our employer had a pretty good portable. 500 psi heated steam and 210" waterlift vacuum. Without even using chemicals, we could clean most carpet. We'd pre-spray, spot treat, scrub with a buffer, rinse and extract, deodorize/neutralize, use the buffer to further dry the rugs, groom with rake and set up air movers which we'd come back for later in some cases. I knew your carpet was clean and 97% dried by the time I went to the next job.
    I was really proud of my work. Then money got real tight in 2007. The guys who would do the "splash and dash" for $10 a room or $79 a house were grabbing a lot of work. Made us look overpriced. Made people think it has better to get a $100 Hoover or rent a $25 Rug Dr. and do it yourself.
    To remain competitive on pricing, the boss cut about 20% of the prices.
    Originally I got $15 of a $100 job. Later I was getting $10 of a $75 job. The boss cut $25 and force me to eat $5 of it. I couldn't make it on $500 per week. Not doing 50 hours to make it. I moved on.

  • My
      6th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    My appointment time was 9:30 to 11:00 and the guy called and told there was a problem at 10:10 that he needed to change the appointment to 4:00 to 6:00. I agreed as I know things happen, still a happy customer because you know I called sears because I just knew they would do a good job I could wait. The guy showed up at 5:58 but when he told me he could not do my tile because the machine was broke and he could spray some stuff on the tile and we could clean it outself was very unprofessional. I asked him does Sears only have one tile machine and he said they only have 3 in there fleet and the other 2 machines were in different countys, still excited my 2 year old carpet would look great we agreed. What I got was a 17 minute once over the guy stopping twice to answer his cell phone, he did work to get 2 dirty spots almost out but the rest of the carpet was hardley touched. What I was left with was wet carpet, I showed the guy the very wet spots and he told me he had been doing this for 7 years and it was normal and left, I was assured that the carpet would dry in 8 to 10 hours, , yea right... I put a fan in the room and turned on my dehumidifier and finally 26 hours later the carpet was dry and was still dirty.. so much for thinking that if I paid more to a good company that it would be done right.

  • Vi
      10th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I hired Sears carpet cleaning in Chicago, August 26th. They turned on the machine, it caught on fire, & expelled a big black oil leak/spot onto my white carpet. The men called their boss, left, came back 20 minutes later to "try" & get the spot out, turning it into a BIG gray swirl. I was told that someone would be out the next day to inspect the carpet, whereas I was under the impression I would be meeting with a claims adjuster. Instead another team of 2 more men were sent to try & remove their stain. They called their boss, & this team told him the stain was oil based, & could not be removed, the carpet was ruined. This manager is Conrad Harris. I was expecting him to call me back to make arrangements for a claim adjuster...he NEVER called. I called repeatedly, was told he was in a meeting, & finally when I called a 5th time, was told he was on his way to look at the stain...he arrived & told me that he could remove this oil based stain, that his company created .I explained that was in fact impossible, that whatever he did, that oil based stain would resurface the moment anyone walked on it, & it was in a hightraffic area. Conrad Harris then said he has special equiment that can remove it, & it will not this point, ( I have zero tolerance for liers) I told him to get out of my home, & that I am calling Sears customer service, at which point he told me her name was Tina Corn. That tipped me off, NOT to contact her. Later, I received a letter from the non contacted Tina Corn, informing me that Sears would pay no claim, & that I must have Conrad Harris enter my home again, & allow him to clean my carpet before Sept. 25th, & if he does not hear from me by then, all potential claims would be dismised.
    I could not believe that a large company would be behaving like a tiny sole proprieter...until I was informed that Sears does not do carpet cleaning...all orders are given to independant contractors...most likely contractors, you or I would never hire! I have filed a complaint with the BBB, have contact Tina Corn's supervisor, Conrad Harris supervisor, & set to contact the Chg Tribune, & if push comes to shove, sue them in small claims court for the damage of my carpet. Please DO NOT use Sears, because it is not SEARS, it is some small tiny contractor that will not accept responsibility for their actions...& you will most likely have to sue them, to get any claim for damages!

  • Fl
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    I wish I had read this before I had them clean my carpet yesterday. I had the tech open a closed door - to my children's room that I didn't want cleaned. He proceeded to clean just the entry into their room and then show me how dirty their carpet was and for only 45 more he could clean that room also. Now I have a nice white half moon clean spot of carpet in their room. He also unplugged my dyer for what ever reason. When they left I found a mass of blue toothpaste goo on the carpet. I realized that this was the spot of dried toothpaste I hadn't cleaned since I know they were coming out. I ended up using a napkin to pick it up cause toothpaste is too hard for them to clean harder stains would be difficult.

  • Sp
      16th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sears Carpet cleaning is very unreliable. They didn't show up at the appointed time and didn't even call. I called them to find that they had to cancel because a machine had broken down. Real amateurs.

  • Sp
      16th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Please spread the word: don't deal with Sears Carpet Cleaners. They used to be reliable, but no longer. They were supposed to show up at our place in Ottawa at 10 am. But after waiting 30 minutes, I called them only to be told to rebook for Sat. or Monday. I'm not counting on them showing up on next Monday. They are real bozos. They didn't even have the courtesy to call me firstwhen they couldn't make it to the appointment.

  • Vn
      17th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    SEARS IS PULLING THE OLD BAIT AND SWITCH!!! They were advertising a special; 3 rooms plus a hallway for $99 and when they showed they tried to get me to do other rooms as well. I told them NO and then they proceeded to ask ridiculous questions like were there blood stains on the carpet - WHAT? Are you kidding? Would I have waited 3 days if there were?
    They were looking to up their price somehow and when they saw I had a dog they said they would have to do a different kind of cleaning. One where they take the scotch guard off my carpet and then clean it. AND then the COST JUMPED UP TO $509.00. Who are they kidding? Are they out of their minds? That's a 400% increase!!! It's the old bait and switch. If you think you're going to get good service from them think again. I urge everyone to think twice about ordering from Sears home services. To make matters worse I didn't have time to order carpet cleaning from another company before my housewarming party!!!

  • Jb
      8th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Just got my carpets cleaned last week by Sears . I was nervous after reading some of these comments that some of the other people wrote about Sears. My mom got cleaned by them 2 weeks ago and said they did a great job in Morris County N.J. So I called up and asked alot of questions Like, what type of equipment? Do you guarantee all stains will come out?.I also was told that i get a ten day no question asked reservice policy with the cleaning . After being satisfied with their answers I set up an appointment for a cleaning. They gave me a morning appointment and arrived on time. I got two rooms a hall cleaned for $99. I never had my carpet cleaned before and I've had the carpets for four years. They used a machine that is attached to the truck and moved my sofa, end table but did not move the china cabinet. After they cleaned it they asked me to look at the carpets and tell them what i think.I thought alot of the stains came out but some did not. They offered to clean any area or spot again . I was suprised. The stains did not come out but they tried again. They offered protector to help the carpets last longer but i did not want it. They did force me to get it or trick me into adding it. I guess my point about carpet cleaning is 1)you have to research whatever you purchase and 2) Not all the stains are going to come out of a carpet that has not been cleaned in four years. Sear's did a good job for a fair price. I would recommend them to anybody

  • Va
      21st of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm in Northern Virginia and we just had a horrible time with Sears Carpet out of the Lorton area. Carpets weren't cleaned properly and they had cleaned the wrong set of stairs prior to our move in. This was discussed with the previous owner and management and they were called back to redo the job. When they arrived they refused to clean the correct stairs because they would have to charge an additional $67 and weren't going "to clean for free". They tried to say the floor they did clean was in fact cleaned and I pointed out dirt and the fact my feet turned black walking on the carpet after their "cleaning". The amount they were going to charge to do the correct stairs would have have brought the total of cleaning 1 living room, 2 stairways and 1 landing to $217. In addition we hadn't moved our belongings in the house yet so there was no furniture to move and was a very easy job. When I tried to talk to their customer service rep he didn't like my tone of voice, raised his voice to me, talked over me and hung up on me. I now have Stanley Steemer on the job for $161 for the same areas I wanted cleaned by Sears AND they will spot treat AND work around furniture (something Sears didn't have to do) AND their employess are very courteous. Wish the previous owner had called them first. I will never use Sears Carpets again after this experience.

  • No
      29th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am laughing to myself, I so wish I had found this site before I had Sears do my carpet, air ducts, tile and grout. On the air ducts they charged me more than they quoted by a lot and only blew air into the ducts!! It was not a good job of cleaning at all. On the carpet they did an ok job, it was mostly one guy doing the work. The tile and grout was ok, pricey but ok. On the furniture I had a white couch it is now a lovely shade of tan with white spots on it. When I asked Sears to come out again and fix the brown circles on my white couch they did and now I am black listed!!!
    I called again today to have them come out (1 yr later) and they won't do my house again and won't tell me why!! I guess they don't want the money either!! I thought about it and called the store to see why I was black listed they didn't know and since they contract their cleaning services out there wasn't much anyone can do to help me find out if they got the wrong info on my paperwork etc. I called the 800 number for customer care and after being placed on hold 5 times he couldn't find a number to talk to either. So I guess being black listed for service just saved me a lot of grief, funny really isn't it. I'll just bet there are lots of retailers, carpet cleaners, etc that would love to have my business and word of mouth advertising. Sears is doing something wrong, they were a very good company to deal with at one point. I am still chuckling to myself, funny ha? I am done with Sears!!!

  • Be
      23rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had my carpets cleaned several weeks ago by Sears here in Bellavista AR the guy was within the 2 hour time frame and did a very good job. I was concerned at first because i wanted the furniture moved and the guy was pretty small and i mean really really small, but ill be damned if he didnt move every thing his self with no questions asked I have had them before and its was usually a differnt guy each time and they always do a good job, but this small guy really did a excellent job he got out stains the other guys at sears couldnt get out or stanly steamer for that matter. i was having my sofa and loveseat cleaned also, and again he did a better job than anyone has ever done. On top of his Professional he also was very polite and courteous and took the time to explain any questions i had. Im going to make sure I ask for him from now on.

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