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Sears Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning / Poor service, abusive treatment, dissatisfaction

1 United States

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction to a recent service from your upholstery and carpet cleaning and am requesting a refund. I arranged with Sears Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Ottawa at [protected], to come to my address, which is [privacy edit] Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 2N5 on August 10, 2006. Ken and Tania, who called themselves technicians, arrived at 8:50 and left at 9:35a.m. Upon arrival Tania asked me for towels, I said "You need towels?", Her reply was "Yes if you do not want your area rug to get wet". I wondered why I should have to supply towels. You would think they would have some protective product for carpets and wood floors. Ken asked me if the chesterfield and chair had been cleaned before, I said it had been as far as I knew. Tania plugged their machine into the hallway outlet of the Condominium, to which I questioned her, she responded that they always do that. Well while they were steam cleaning the furniture (chesterfield and chair), someone unplugged their equipment. Because of this I was reprimanded by the Board of Directors. I did not like to be questioned about this. When they completed the cleaning such as it was, Tania was unrolling the area rug back into place, after which time she had asked me if I wanted it rolled back into place. I replied that I certainly would, then I saw water on the hardwood floor right in the area where she was about to roll the carpet. I said Tania there is water on the floor, so she throws the towel at me and says you clean it up, which I did. She also asked me if they should put the chesterfield and chair back in place. Of course, I would not be able to do so myself. I waited a day or so for the furniture to be dry before checking for cleanliness of the items in question. I was NOT happy with the results, so I called Customer Service on August l4th and spoke to Sharon Wilson at [protected]. She said she would send the same two technicians back on August 15th. They arrived and Tania asked what I wanted them to do. I explained that I called for their service initially because I had dirty furniture that needed to be cleaned and it is not cleaned satisfactorily. Ken said if it did not come clean on the initial cleaning it will not come out on second try. He started yelling and said he wasn't listening to any shouting, which he was the only one doing that. I am fortunate that I had my daughters here to support me and to be witnesses of this abuse to a senior citizen. Second call to Sharon Wilson about the terrible experience I had to endure. Sharon said she would send another technician in the name of Tim and Shaun, who she said were their best furniture experts. Does this mean that they have bad and good technicians doing this work? Arrangements were made for August 24th and that Sharon would call me on Saturday evening with the time that they would arrive. Again no call and I had to call to see what time they would arrive and was told between 2pm and 3pm, they did not show up at all. Every time someone was to come to clean, the furniture had to be moved, which was again another inconvenience.

Again another call to Customer Service, this time I finally got to speak with Josie Lavoie, the manager. She said Tim and a helper would come on Sept 11th, in the afternoon, I had been waiting for a call from Julie for some time, Sharon was to arrange it and it never happened.

Julie said I would get a call on Saturday evening advising me of the time Tim and helper would come. No call was received again. Again on Monday morning I had to call was told they would arrive between 12 and 1pm on Sept 11th. Tim and helper, (whom I was not introduced to) arrived at 12:20 and left at 12:50. Tim asked for the work order which I produced, then he had to go to the truck to phone someone to see what process to use. He used a solvent that did remove some of the dirt on the spots that he used it on, however the piping which he did not touch, and the cushions are still dirty. The solvent smell caused headaches and the smell lasted for days. I really feel like I have been treated very poorly which I thought was Sears policy to have happy customers. I am definitely not satisfied with the service and treatment I have received.

Up to this point, I have been a long time satisfied customer of Sears, but this experience has left a bad feeling in my mouth, and I am requesting the return of $133.56, the amount I paid out to have clean furniture. So far I am not asking for remuneration for the poor service and abusive treatment that I have put up with.


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