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Sean V. Bradley & Dealer Synergy / Abuse

1 Audubon, United States

I worked for Sean V. Bradley at Dealer Synergy, and my time spent there was nothing short of horrible. My second week in my position, I answered the phone, and Sean didn't like the way I did it. He ripped the phone from my hand, and talked to the person on the other line. He wrote notes on a post-it, and threw them at me. Once he hung up and stood up, pointed in my face and said, "We've got a [censored]ing problem." I said, "If we have a problem, can we talk in private in your office?" He proceeded to say, "I'm going to use your poor customer service skills as an example for this entire office." He then told the entire office how I answered the phone incorrectly, and that I was an embarrassment to him, his family, and his business. For some odd reason, I stayed employed at this sweat shop. He treated his assistant like garbage. If she picked up his Gucci sweater from the dry cleaner before she tried to get the scuffs of his louboutin shoes, (That he bought the wrong size of, and was trying to return to the store in Paris) he would scream at her asking her if she wanted to hurt his family. Sean V. Bradley and his Wife Karen do not have degrees. They will lie and tell you that Karen has a degree from Drexel University, but really all she is, is a plastic barbie doll that Sean uses to get people to look at him. If you have college degrees, they will belittle you, and tell you that you don't deserve them. While he's talking to his clients, he would brag about how all of his employees have college degrees, but when he hung up, he would tell us that it didn't matter. He told me that I have three degrees, but I actually write like a third grader. I've heard Sean V. Bradley use the word "###" to describe one of his clients that is transgender. He threw around the word "###ed" like it was second nature to him. He hired someone that got a better opportunity soon after, and he said, "[censored] her, she's a c**t, I hope she chokes and dies." He is a manipulative narcissist that only cares about himself. I know multiple people at Dealer Synergy wanted to seek psychological therapy while working there because Sean convinced most of us that we weren't worth the same air that he breathes. The cops were called multiple times when I was working at Dealer Synergy. He harassed the dentist across the street because he didn't want to pay for his son's medical bill. He will brag about how much money he has, the "Mercedes on his wrist, " and the BMW he drives, but he can't afford to get his child's teeth fixed. He will come into work "Stuntin" in a prada suit, but won't buy lunch for his office. The unprofessionalism is off the charts. One day, he decided to get drunk while working, and yell at clients on the phone. He will brag about the Karina Bradley project, which should be called The Autotune Project. In addition to the abuse that Sean gives to all of his employees, they never clean the office. The three bathrooms are constantly dirty. They claim that cleaning services are too much money, but, again, they have enough money for the most expensive fit bit for Karen and her Work life balance bull crap. They refused to put the heat on in the middle of winter. We all were coats while we worked. Guess why? TOO EXPENSIVE. The roof leaked, so Sean made his father in law come fix it. Threatening him that if he didn't fix it, he would take the car away that he bought him. DO NOT WORK FOR SEAN V. BRADLEY. He doesn't help his clients. He takes their money and runs. He's in the middle of multiple law suits right now! Sean also brags about his cameo in the film "The Limelight, " Where is was involved in the New York City drug trade, snitched on everyone involved, and spent time in jail. It's something to really be proud of, Sean. We all see why you brag about that... It's a shame, really. Dealer Synergy could be a very successful business, if Sean knew what he was doing. Grant Cardone is doing just fine, probably because he's actually a genius, and cares about the well being of others. Maybe Sean, and his plastic barbie doll wife should try that sometime.

May 31, 2015

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