Scotts Lawn CareAnnual lawn care program

1. August 2007 we bought a one year old home in a wonderful 150 home development. This home has a 1 acre beautifully and professionally landscaped yard (garden).
2. The yard itself was fully sodded with mature Centipede grass.
3. We have and used an irrigation system per the direction of the Scott's technicians who serviced our yard - with support from their Office managers.
4. As the yard deteriorated over the course of just a few years - there was always a promise to repair any issue I contacted them about.
5. The yard's condition deteriorated every year over the course of the 7 years we used them. Several times I had an Ag specialist from NCSU come and review the yard for problems and better care - and then passed those recommendations to the Scott's technicians and managers.
6. Shame on me for allowing it to go on for so long but I was busy running the company I had founded and hired Scotts so I didn't have to also be trying to stay on top of my yard's condition.
7.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Clayton, NC In the spring of 2015, fully 1/3 of my grass simply didn't recover from the winter and the remaining 2/3 was in such poor condition that I feared a complete re-sodding was coming.
8. So I decided to re-sod the 1/3 in May and turn the yard over to a local lawn service company with high reviews and recommended by a large local sod company (Super Sod).
9. By the end of the 2015 summer, my yard was recommended as one of the top 3 yards in our development (150 homes).
10. In summary, Scott's far over-promises and can't come close to delivering even an average condition yard.
11. I had many mangers from Scott's to my yard complaining about their service and the condition of my yard.
12. I often got calls from Scott's trying to sell me services that are counter indicated for centipede grass - when I would tell them what I had, they would apologize and hang up - no matter how often I told them the grass in my yard, it never resonated with the care programs.
13. To my dying day, Scott's Lawn Service will never step onto my yard again.
Dave Edwards

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