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Good Day Scorpion Complaints Board

Since I handed this matter to your organisation I would like to voice out dissatisfaction and disappointment in the conduct of your employees (Victor Ramollo & Bontle) . They failed to resolve the matter in a professional manner which demonstrates competency and this has had financial implications on me. I have come to a conclusion that your organisation is nothing but a “scam” promising people legal assistance that is not there.

The mail below does not need interpretation. It states clearly that 2016 account was paid up/settled by myself in full at an amount of R3600.00 as per agreement between Prosperitas Debt Collector and your Victor Ramollo on my behalf. I then immediately requested a formal R0.00 balance statement from the school that handed the account over to no avail, their Finance Monica kept saying she was still busy working on other accounts of the school, they had lost all records of the accounts and they were trying to recover. I waited for more than a month and only got an sms from the school towards the 2nd month in July 2016 that my account was behind with –R840.00, I sent numerous emails to the school to send me statement so I could pay to no avail.

Immediately after that the account was handed over again, I reported that to your Victor Ramollo and asked him to intervene regarding the statement of account. From July I have been making a payment of R840.00 to the school on each month assuming that was the monthly school fees since the school had failed to provide me with a formal bill of fees. I requested your Victor Ramollo to intervene so I could receive that statement of account after settlement to proceed directly with the school to no avail. Then I started receiving calls from Prosperitas saying I am owing more than R5000.00 and I could not understand for what if the account for [protected] was settled in May 2016 and they themselves confirmed in writing that the R3600.00 had been allocated to the outstanding 2016 account. Knowing that I have legal cover I have been paying for years, I still engaged your Victor Ramollo and complained which resulted in him dumping the matter to Bontle.

Bontle took over and never added any value. All she was doing was bringing whatever was coming from the opponent as it is without accessing it against the information at hand. I even wrote an email telling her that I am paying the organisation for a legal cover not messenger services. She was not interested in the information provided by me but went on to forward the email from Finance Monica of the school stating that the account settled was for 2015 which was contrary to the agreement held with Victor Ramollo and the below email dated 19 May 2016. .

While I was in discussion with Bontle on that issue, I suddenly receive a letter via post from Victor Ramollo which according to him served as confirmation that the matter was resolved and the account settled was for 2015. How dare he does that while he was aware that this Debt Collector were changing the story so they could claim more money from me? He is the one who forwarded me this letter after he agreed with the Debt Collector that all the money owed was R3600.00 for 2016 account and I had settled it in full, hence the letter confirming that was received from Charmaine Bezuidenhout. . (See attached letter and email below). My question is : what was he trying to achieve by that or what was he trying to cover with that letter?

Around October Bontle for her own reasons sent me an email saying she has handed my matter to her Boss that would handle it and I requested her to hand over all the documents and brief the boss so I don`t start all over again as the matter needed urgent attention because I was about to be black listed by this Debt Collector while they were dragging their feet. Up to now I have not hear from the boss, not anyone from your organisation. Eventually I got blacklisted and your organisation is responsible.

For your record: I continued paying R840.00 from July 2016 till December 2016. And today the 11th of January 2017 I received an sms that I am owing R5113.09 which I am disputing. Someone should sort out all this mess done by your employees.

I have been paying my premiums and demand a service from you otherwise I want all my premiums back since you have failed to deliver. One thing you must know is that I will let the world know what kind of an organisation you are so that the people know the truth not these marketing lies you go around telling. I have said that before to our employees and they seemed not bothered, let`s see if your Board Members, Directors as well as Ombudsman won`t be bothered too.

The choice is yours: If you wish to correct this here are the contacts of the Debt Collectors: Prosperitas: [protected], Ref: 2380/ngw0012, Charmaine or Estelle. Bontle and Victor have all the proof of payments and the emails we have exchanged right from the beginning otherwise I still have them on my side. This also requires investigation in order to know what actually transpired and resolve the root course of the problem.

I hope to hear from your relevant complaints department ASAP.


Email: mpumi.[protected]

FWD Email Below:

Charmain Bezuidenhout
Date: Thu, May 19, 2016 at 11:20 AM
Subject: REYNORIF -2026/ngw0012
To: [protected]
Cc: mpumi.[protected]

Dear Sir,

We attach hereto confirmation that the account has been settled in full. The balance of your client’s payment of R3 600.00 has been allocated towards the outstanding 2016 account.

We trust that you find this to be in order and wish to take this opportunity of thanking you for your professional co-operation herein.


Charmain Bezuidenhout
Manager - Legal

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Jan 11, 2017

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