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On December 17 between 2:00 and 2:15 I pulled up my online accounts with Bank of America (BOA) in order to pay bills.

1. Immediately, a screen that indicated it was from BOA, popped up saying account data had been compromised; they didn't know the extent of the data breach, but they advised people to check their banking data and to track their credit scores often.

2. A site that said it was connected to the three credit scoring companies on appeared on the screen. I clicked and was immediately asked for information: Full name, DOB, address etc. The site called SCORESENSE said that for $1.00 I could use the site for 7 days to get my credit scores and after that for a fee of thirty something dollars I could get a year's membership. Another screen asked for my credit card information.
I called SCORESENSE and asked if I could cancel my connection to SCORESENSE if I called on or before December 23/24. They said yes. I gave them my credit card information.
Then a screen asking for my social security number came up; I thought the request was probably legitimate because I thought they needed it to find my credit scores. I typed in my SS#.
(At some point between 2. and 3. a survey which I thought was BOA appeared. I participated in the survey and was given a choice of picking a gift. I chose a flashlight and immediately was asked for my credit card info to cover shipping - $10.99.

3. Some message said my scores were available and I thought I was going to appear immediately. Instead another site appeared asking for my credit card info and my social security number. I was starting to get confused but thought that maybe I hadn't read all the info on the screens completely and that each credit scoring company needed a $1.00 and credit card info.

4. I was expecting a third request for the same info (from the third company), but instead a survey came up - which I thought was from BOA. The survey asked multiple choice questions and the choices always included an answer that pertained to me exactly. The only one I remember right now is in what state did I apply for my social security card (Alabama). Some time around this point I eventually got my credit scores.)

5. Then for participating in the survey a screen came up saying there was a possibility of my having a choice of one of three gifts: an expensive face cream (no name was given), an Iphone or $1000.00 gift card to Walmart. I clicked on an OK, and a screen saying only one (maybe two) choices were available. I do remember the Walmart gift card was not included.
I clicked on the Iphone, and when I tried to pay the shipping with my credit card, a message appeared saying it was declined. I think (am not completely sure) they said I could use another credit card.
At this point a message from BOA a charge had been declined. The decline was connected to a thirty something dollar charge. Eventually BOA asked me to click on the recent charges which I disputed; I only clicked on the $39.99 charged, but now I think all of the charges on the 17th are bogus.

The first $1.00 charge from Scoresense
The $10.xx for shipping the flashlight
The second $1.00 charge don't know the site but it was different from Scoresense.
The $39.99 charge - the last charge on Dec. 17.

My biggest worry now is my Social Security being out there with some unscrupulous people.

Dec 18, 2018

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