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I had did a profile fir the free 3B credit score with scorescense and a week kater got an email notification that $39.95 had been deducted from my account. I had cancelled with them once I saw they wsnted to charge me but evidently they still charged my account. I never accessed their website or the scorescense account not one time and I complained to them about it asking for my money back and several emails and they finally replied saying I asked once the account had been charged of course I did because I had no recollection that it was being charged after I had cancelled the account after creating the profile. It is ashame that these people get to scam citizens out of money over and over again and have no penalties to suffer each time they get away with it. I want my damm money back #SCOREDONTMAKESINCE and to add to the fire they canceled my account two days after taking my money so they had my money for a whole month and I had no access to the account after notification to them I was not satisfied with them taking my money and I had cancelled in the first place. How do they get away with that one there.

Jan 16, 2019

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