Schwan'sCustomer service

I called to customer service for mistake delivered happen. Customer service Kelly was so rude.She didn't listen me and she was telling nothing she can do.order came double.She said it my delivered 2 weeks ago.then nice this area stuffs brought early delivery for me.I ordered midnight.maybe that order record was still on my account, so it delivered again. . I have double products on this week . I wanted to give back packages I already have.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Marshall, MNThey sent message I can give back next delivery date on 2 weeks after. My freezer is so small, I can't keep that much food in freezer. I had to throw away my stuffs from freezer. She was keep saying nothing she can do.also all those happen was my fault. Why she is a customer service ? A customer service is for customer.why she only can tell her opinion? Why customer service can yell customer? Very bad service. She said she will hung up my call, because I'm not listen her

Apr 28, 2017

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