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Santander Consumer USA / refuse overpayment refund

1 Fort Worth, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-888-222-4227

I sent a payment to citifinancial and santander bought out my loan. On sept 25, 2010 my credit union refinanced my auto and sent santander a check for$ 24, 337.93 but my payoff was $23, 474.28 leaving difference of $863.65. Santander also recieved my payment from citifinancial in amount of $712.00 that they also cashed. I'm being told that they can't tell me where my money in over payment went, and on nov. 10, 2010 my credit union faxed a copy of both cleared checks, and asked that santander find this over payment money and send back to me. Both checks cleared oct. 1, 2010, i've been waiting over month for these refunds for overpayments, but still nothing. When I call and speak to someone they tell me no refund due, i'll recieve payment 30 days after payoff is recieved, or payment will be sent 30 days after titled is sent, again it's a bunch of bull and I have not recieved a dime.

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  • Je
      23rd of Nov, 2010
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    I am in ths same boat as you. My car was paid off Sept. 17, 2010 and as of Nov. 22, 2010 have not received a refund of overpayment. I have been misinformed and lied to by their customer service reps and managers. I have been told that a check refund was logged on Nov. 12 and it should take 10 days. When I called to complain of the check not being received that requested I should give it until Nov. 26, 2010. Who else can we complain to about this injustice. I have also contacted the Better Business Bureau in Dallas and they have given me a case number.

  • Da
      26th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    CALL TO ACTION: I suggest everyone call 817-605-4741 and leave Kristin Caldwell a message with your complaint. BE PASSIONATE. BE DETERMINED. BE JUST AS RUDE AS THEIR COLLECTIONS DEPARTMENT CAN BE. DON'T BE AFRAID. DONT'T DELETE ANY MESSAGES THEY LEAVE FROM YOUR DEVICES. I'm in the same situation as everyone here. Been waiting on $440.65 refund for 5 months. During my second call to Santander back in August 2010 I was told by a Santander CSR, "Make sure that you stay on top of this and keep calling Santander". I should have paid better attention to this obvious warning. Kristin Caldwell did nothing more than delay me another 45-days. The check she told me "was in the mail" never arrived. If we can get organized...we can can change this. FIRST: Social Networking is powerful. TELL ALL your FACEBOOK friends about Santander's scam and ask them to help spread the word. SECOND: File a formal complaint with your State's Department of Consumer Protection, State's Attorney General's Office, and the Better Business Bureau. This is very important. THIRD, if you have the means, by all means, contact an attorney. If this is not an option and you're willing to make a difference. a group...can solicit the help of legal counsel for a class-action suit against Santander. Serious, sincere, and honest inquires only...please...[protected]

  • Bi
      17th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi David A Miller, I agree to what you are saying. I am also in the same boat where you all are. They took my overpayment which was left after payoff, they also took away my gap insurance money and they don't know how and why accounting department did this. and now they refuses to give me my money back and they are very rude and simlar reply wait for 5 to 6 weeks and after that again 5 to 6 weeks. I wish if someone has so much power that they can sue this company and shut it down. this company is really a night mare and I don't know how they manage to buy our loans from other banks. I hope if we could take this all the way to the higher authority who has power to shut this company down and get all of our money back...

  • Ag
      14th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I agree!!! My daughter's car note is held by Santander Consumer USA. Santander's statements demand payment of an amount which includes their late fee, even though payments are not yet due. My daughter was paying the full amount they demanded, even though she was paying on time, but wasn't receiving credit for the full amount. When Santander began calling every day demanding payment, I was prompted to look at my daughter's statements. Their statements are misleading, their practices are illegal and I was stunned when I saw that the interest rate was an illegal, unconscionable 25% . My many calls to them, demanding an explanation hgyuresulted in nothing but double talk. My requests for the name of a manager and to speak to one of them, were refused. Resolving a problem is accomplished only by the active cooperation of both parties, but Santander neither wanted to resolve the problem, nor to cooperate. Therefore, my only recourse is to institute a lawsuit on behalf of my daughter against them. If anyone has experienced similar overcharges, illegal interest rates and is part of a lawsuit which my daughter can join please let me know. Otherwise, I will proced on behalf of my daughter, and if anyone is interestd in joining in the action, please let me know and I can convert it to a class action, [protected]

  • Fe
      20th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    They did the same thing to me only I had 4 payments left to make on the car! 2006 Aveo car worth $13, 000 purchased in 2006, had it for 5yrs and they repo it stating my loan maturity date expired in July 2011. No phone call or paperwork stated I was deliquent only them showing up with a tow truck !! They said that because I called and resheduled my payment 3 times in 5 yrs that enabled the loan to mature and expire due to the fact that the car should have been paid off July 2011. So basically I paid $450 a month for 5yrs ($27, 000) for a car worth $13, 000. after they repod the car they told me i needed to pay $4200 to get the car back and would not negotiate any type of payment plan!! and yes the harrassment for payments is an automated service that calls you prior and after payments lookin for more $$$. If you needed to contact them you will be sent to an automated recording never a person unless its to give money!!

  • Jj
      27th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Today JAN 27, 2012 they still need to send me my over payment of 740.00 dollars. It has been 9 days from when they said it would arrive and about one and half months since I paid off my truck.. Everything they are telling me matches everything being posted in this blog. Has anyone eventually received their over-payment? If I do not get it next week I will start looking for an attorney that handles consumer abuse by financial institution. Send me an email if you finally received yours or if you currently have a law suit which you would like me to join. My email is [protected]

  • Ma
      30th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    My loan was paid off 2/1/16. It was over paid $530. They never sent a refund supposedly until 3/7/16...over 30 days after being paid off! Its been 2 months and I still havent gotten my money. I have called numerous times and get a different story each time! Then Im told my check cant be reissued until its missing 30 days??? I was also told it was a debit card refund issued by a 3rd party and given a card company to contact to see where it is. I was told accounting would look into it...and to call back 3-5 days later...I did that TWICE...Nothing!! One rep gave me a number to was a fax number! Now I have the number to the "office of the president" which I have yet to call...I filed a complaint yesterday with the PA Banking Commission. I dont know if they can help. Perhaps the credit union that paid them off can help? I doubt it. I'm very pissed at them. I also went to a local retail branch and the CSR there couldnt barely speak english and she couldnt explain ANY of the paperwork I was signing for a personal loan to buy a hearing aid. I was called by a division doing satisfaction surveys...the guy hung up on me after the 2nd question. Total incompetence beginning to end.

  • No
      30th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Maryann Duncan I recieved my refund with interest

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