Santander Consumer USA / customer service rep on chat

I made my first payment online on march 1st. Apparently no record was found. I got in touch over the phone on march 7th, because no record was there about my payment although I got an email was sent to me saying an online payment was made. I talk to ninfa online and I kept repeating myself. Paid no attention to what I said. Then ninfa terminate the chat because I said to pay attention and catch up because I already answered the questions asked. Numerous times at that. I am not a happy customer right now, and it is only the first payment. When I was told on the 7th that no records were found, I went to get a money order and sent it out right away. So I wouldn't be late on my payment. My first payment at that. I got an email today saying a payment will be made on the 15th. So I got in touch to see if it was going to be a double payment. And that is where ninfa came into the picture. After repeating myself numerous times, and ninfa asking the same question over and over, it got very frustrating. I felt like I was talking to the wall. I probably would of got my answer from the wall, though. I have never dealt with someone so rude in a customer service position. Especially when I am paying what I am through their company. You would think they would do whatever they can to make you happy, but apparently not. If you other customers ever have to deal with a ninfa, get out of their immediately! Or you will also have a horrible experience, too. Ninfa should get terminated the way he or she terminated the conversation when I am trying to figure out what is going on with my account and my money. Maybe ninfa should pay me for aggravation, and not helping me the way they should of been helping. Good luck to future customers that have to deal with nin[censored]

Mar 10, 2016

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