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Santander Consumer USA / unauthorized withdrawls, nsf returned refund check, etc

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My auto loan was sold by citifinancial auto to santander consumer usa. I knew right away this was a company I did not want to deal with. I had auto payments set up with citifinancial auto so I didn't give my payments much of a thought. I started getting late notices that my payment was late. I contacted citifinancial auto and was informed at that time that the loans were sold. I had to do a look up online on the phone number that was calling my home because when I pressed 1 to speak to someone it would hang up on me. When I listened for the company name it was said so quickly and with an accent that I couldn't understand the name or figure out how to spell it to look them up.

Finally I got a hold of the company and the very rude customer service rep told me that they sent out notification to those customers that were overdue first and the other customers would be notified of the switch the next week. After their payments were due as with mine, i'm sure. She also informed me that not only was I past due but I would be charged a late fee. I said I wouldn't pay it because I wasn't late - they were late with my notification. She said they notified everyone at the same time. Well, surely they didn't find out they were acquiring the loans the day they got them. They had plenty of time for notification - they just wanted to wait until they could collect on the late fees!

I told them to remove us from automatic withdraw and we would pay the bill manually or we would refinance. I was seriously considering staying with them because we had less than a year left to pay the loan. While I was deciding I tried contacting them for information on the account. The customer service rep, again, was very rude and I finally told her we decided to refinance and I needed the payoff amount. She didn't say anything, just hung up on me! So I called back and got the payoff amount through the system. Once I did, I called a very steady and reliable bank that will not resell my loan to refinance. I got approved, less interest and only $300 more over year period, I was pleased to take that loan and leave santander behind. I signed the papers and the check was sent to pay off the loan.

The day santander received the pay off for the loan they withdrew my payment from my account after I told them do not withdraw anything. When I contacted them regarding the unauthorized and illegal withdraw they said it would be 45 days before the account would be refunded. I was upset but what could I do? I waited the 45 days. I never got the check so I started calling again, only to be directed to a voicemail box that says it is no longer used. I called other departments just to get in touch with individuals that could possibly help. I've been yelled at (one time so loudly I held the phone from my ear and someone across the room heard), hung up on, called names and flat out lied to. The customer service at this company is a joke. To call this place a company is an even bigger joke! It's nothing but a collection of thieves!

I decided I was going to fax them and e-mail every person I could find on their payroll every day until I got my refund. I thought it worked. I got a check back on december 6th! It was cut on december 1st, exactly 45 business days from the close of the account. I was so happy my ordeal was over! I deposited the check and headed out to do some christmas shopping I thought i'd have to forgo. I should have forgone it. I received notification today that the check was being returned due to nsf on the account it was written on. Seriously?!

After contacting jennifer at santander consumer usa (214.722.4506) I was told that they would issue me another check if I faxed them my bank statement (which will take about 10 days because I only get a statement once a month). They will send the check ups minus fees. Umm, I read somewhere in the complaints that they charged outrageous fees so no thanks. I'm not going through my bank to see if there can be anything done about the illegal and unauthorized ach on my account. I just hope it's not too late. Of course they did issue a check so they might try to say they did refund the money... But I also informed my bank that the check is being returned. They actually owe me about $23 more than the ach charge but they can keep the $23 if they just give me back the bulk of my money!!

The funniest thing about today though? The person that helped me at my bank said his loan (for the same kind of vehicle I have) was sold to santander as well. He was lucky... He hasn't had any problems. I just hope he stays lucky! I have no clue how this company stays in business!!

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  • Rl
      15th of Dec, 2010

    UPDATE: I received the returned check and found out it was NOT returned for NSF... Santander did a STOP PAYMENT ON THE CHECK!!! This company really amazes me!! How can they continue to be in business?!

    (I tried to update the post above but didn't see where I could so I just commented.)

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