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The CEO of this company, Thomas Dundon. Nice to know he is listed for having one of the most expensive houses in Dallas, at OUR expense while they rip us off with bogus charges on our accounts while he lives in his 11 Million dollar house with indorrs slides and gyms for his kids...

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36 // Thomas Dundon
$11, 384, 440
Tom Dundon and his wife didn’t set out to build one of the most remarkable homes in Dallas. They really just wanted a great place for their growing family to enjoy. They wanted a place the kids would want to invite other kids over to, so they would get more time with them. That’s what they told Mark Molthan, the designer who built their previous two homes when they looked at the raw land that constituted their little plot.

Molthan took that cue and ran with it, building less a home than a vacation resort. It features the following: a swim park, indoor-outdoor tennis courts, a baseball infield, a dance studio, an automated batting cage (one of their youngest boys was hitting whiffle balls over the fence at their previous home by the time he was 4), a putting green, a go-cart track, a gym, and an indoor and outdoor slide from the second to the first floor. There’s also a stocked lake.

“Mark just did an incredible job, on time and within the budget, ” Dundon says. “We didn’t plan on this being so prominent from Northwest Highway. When we saw the frame up in the winter when the trees were bare, we realized how big it looked from the street, and we said, ‘Oh, crap.’ We’re working on growing in the landscaping so it won’t stand out so much.”

Dundon made his money building and then selling Drive Financial Services, a sub-prime auto loan company that was acquired by Banco Santander Central Hispano SA for $636 million in cash in late 2006. Dundon is still an executive officer with the company.

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  • Ta
      Nov 24, 2010

    Thanks for educating us. Santander is a debt collector using jack boot tactics to harrass consumers.

    Citifinancial is responsible for this as they are working with Santander to "transition" the loans.

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