Santander Consumer USA / copy of contract once taken over from drive financial

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I have sent in several registered letters, overnight requiring signatures requesting copies of my loan agreement that I originally made with drive financial and every time I call they say we will get that out to you today... It has never come!

I one year later still do not have a copy of my financial agreement originally entered into with drive financial!

They both suck and I am seeking an attorney because I do believe that they have their own terms and dinterest rate attached and that is not what I signed!!! They bought the debt and can't prove it to me that I have a loan with them and the terms... Well then I suppose that I don't owe them any money because they can't provided a written agreement with the terms!

They suck!

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      20th of Apr, 2010

    I, also was with Triad, but since this company took over, I don't expect to see my title to my car, as it was paid off in March 2010, and they are trying to get more money out of me, stating" I only paid one half of a payment, which is a lie, as I had the account on Auto Pay.
    Hope these people have to cough up misused fund.

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      2nd of Jun, 2010

    I actually asked them the same thing and to fax them to me and that was over a week ago. Something just doesn't seem right with this company. What someone told me was to make sure that the contract they have is the same as the contract you have. My payments were suppose to be $509 per month and when I got my first statement it was $709 a month.

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